Kevin Harvick & Tony Stewart Remain Vehemently Opposed To NASCAR’s 2019 Package

Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart are never a duo to back away from some controversy. The two tagged teamed NASCAR on Thursday at the 2019 Mustang unveiling when asked about the proposed 2019 aero package.

For some context, NASCAR has proposed using the All-Star drafting package at 14 races in 2018, nearly half of the schedule. Many drivers have mixed feelings about the proposal, the SHR team, of course, have taken a firm stance against it.

Kevin Harvick who has 6 wins this season thanks in part to driving literally as hard as he can with the mastermind Rodney Childers on the box is not a fan of the proposal;

Autoweek —¬†“For me, I’ve decided to step out of that conversation,” Harvick said. “I get frustrated with a lot of those things. So, I’ve just decided to step back and remove myself from that.”

NASCAR is such a convoluted mess that Harvick was like “Nah, I’m done.” They killed the man’s fighting spirit, he’s resigned to the fact that NASCAR will do whatever they want contrary to what the drivers or fans want. Kevin’s a smart guy too, he knows the people in charge and he knows how this goes. It’s a bureaucratic nightmare that’s pointless to try to combat.

His team owner Tony Stewart has no filter and will say anything and everything. He also didn’t hold back on Thursday after he drove the Mustang through a banner like he was the fat kid at a pop warner game.

“I’ll put it like this, I’m not in favor of anything that makes these cars easier to drive,” Stewart said. “It started with the splitters and the other crap they pulled from sport cars and installed on the Car of Tomorrow and it’s gotten worse from there.

“That doesn’t mean we don’t have good racing right now. We do. We’ve had some very good races. I just don’t want the drivers to mean way less than some engineer in front of his computer. That’s not what we’re about.”

This man hates what NASCAR is doing so much he criticized a car from a decade ago. Stewart brings up some salient points though. Over the last decade, NASCAR has made these cars easier to drive. Gone are the days of valances and no side skirts where air could get under the car. In are the days of splitters, side skirts and front-end downforce being built into the noses of these cars.

Tony Stewart is a racer’s racer too, this is a guy that wants a challenge. He doesn’t want a bunch of Michael Waltrip’s winning races. He wants Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick driving their cars to the absolute limit using their driving ability to win races. That’s what racing is, it’s not a restrictor¬†plate fabricated race for entertainment. It’s who can set up their car the fastest and manhandle it to the lead and ultimately the win.

Driver’s should mean something. Actually, driver’s should mean a ton. Let’s stick to a package that promotes what a driver can do behind the wheel and with the throttle.

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