Tony Stewart Says He Still Has Ambitions To Run The Indianapolis 500

Oh shit.

Tony Stewart says he still wants to run the Indianapolis 500 and he feels like his driving is finally getting back to a place where he’s comfortable to do other things again.

Matt Weaver from Autoweek was at the 2019 Ford Mustang NASCAR Cup car unveiling and got this soundbite from Stewart.

Tony Stewart wants to get back in an IndyCar and he wants to do it badly. Driver’s don’t typically talk about wanting to run a race before the 500, Tony wants to. He wants to get pit stops down, acclimated with the car, etc. He also pays respect to the guys that do it week in and week out and understands how hard it is to race at the speedway.

People will think Stewart took a shot at Danica there at the beginning, I don’t think it was. He said, “I don’t want to be a sideshow like Danica.” I think he was referring to the media circus because she was in a race winning car and was committed to the cause. NASCAR Twitter though will spin that into a negative Danica take.

Who would Stewart drive for though? As a Ford team owner, there is no way they would let him climb into a Chevy-powered car. Unless of course, Ford wants to go IndyCar racing. Unlikely so Stewart will have to hop into a Honda, what’s up Michael Andretti?

Every race fan desperately wants this to happen, current chances? About 70%.

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