Apparently There’s A Rumor Furniture Row Racing Will Shut Down After The Season

Apparently, the rumor in the garage area recently is that Furniture Row Racing will close down shop following the 2018 season.

That’s an actual rumor that apparently was so prevalent the team put out a statement this morning saying that fielding a team in 2019 is not an option and they are actively searching for sponsorship.

It makes sense when you look at the rumor for a number of reasons;

FRR Has Not Re-Signed MTJ

Still to this point Martin Truex Jr. does not have a contract for next season. The 2017 Cup Series Champ realistically is a free agent at the end of the year. The thought process all along and apparently still is that MTJ will re-sign with the team and continue their meteoric rise to the top of NASCAR.

FRR Has Not Re-Signed With TRD/JGR Yet

Again to this point the team does not have a deal in place to continue their partnership with Joe Gibbs Racing beyond this season. With TRD and the JGR alliance, Furniture Row Racing has become an absolute power in the sport. However, they likely have a sweetheart deal with JGR who would assumingly want more money for their services from FRR.

Thanks to Cole Pearn’s big brain the #78 has made a mockery of everyone at JGR not named Kyle Busch. Could FRR go alone with just support from TRD and start building their own cars? Sure, but it’s expensive which brings up to another point.

5-Hour Energy Leaves, Barney Visser Doesn’t Want To Put His Own Money Into The Team

5-Hour Energy announced they would be leaving NASCAR after the 2018 season leaving FRR searching for $10M a year in funding. That’s half the budget for a team of their caliber and according to insiders team owner Barney Visser is not interested in funding the team out of his own pocket again.

And listen, that is totally fine. The guy paid for the team out of his own pocket for a decade before they started winning on a regular basis. He’s earned the right to not have people question his commitment to the sport.

All of those factors led to the rumor rumblings around the garage area more than likely. It would be a shame to see FRR shut down, the sport needs more competitive cars not less. As if that was some kind of monumental statement that people didn’t know. For now, though the #78 team plans on being in Daytona come February.

Ps. It’s not a great look for your defending champ having to combat rumors that their team will shut down.

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