Watch Martin Truex Jr’s Team Blatantly Put Lug Nuts On After The Race To Avoid Penalty

Well, well, well, what do we have here?

A little undercover footage like we’re all part of the Patriots, that is what we have here. Watch Martin Truex Jr’s team blatantly cheat the rules by putting lug nuts on the car after the race;

Damn, we haven’t seen something that blatant since Matt Kenseth at Martinsville circa 2015. You can’t even make a flat tire excuse for that one, the #78 team knew exactly what they were doing here.

How do I know that?


It was so obvious. Dude’s on pit road don’t act that shady, I’ve been on pit roads, no one acts like they’re trying to pass off a dime bag at the drop. Then you have the #78 team over here acting like a couple of high school kids. Well, the internet is here to narc on you 78 team. One guy was looking at the sky like “yup nothing to see here” as if he was in a Jay and Silent Bob flick.

NASCAR already announced there were no penalties from this weekend and of course there weren’t. Because the 78 team made sure there wouldn’t be. Is a lug nut penalty a big deal? Ehh not so much when your CEO is drunk driving at 7:30 PM popping Oxy’s on the way talking about Donald Trump. A lug nut missing isn’t a big deal.

But damn man, don’t make it so obvious. And remember there is always a camera watching.

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