Brian France Arrested For DUI After Celebrating Chase Elliott Saving NASCAR

TMZ– Brian France — the CEO and Chairman of NASCAR — was arrested for DUI on Sunday evening in The Hamptons and cops say he was also in possession of oxycodone .. TMZ Sports has learned.

The 56-year-old — one of the most powerful people in professional sports — was initially stopped in Sag Harbor, NY while driving a 2017 Lexus. Cops say he blew through a stop sign at 7:30 PM.

We’re told France’s blood alcohol level was more than TWICE the legal limit. Cops say during the stop, they found oxycodone pills during a search of his person.

Chase Elliott’s win was popular according to Jeff Gluck’s poll but some people took celebrating the second coming saving the sport further than others.

Brian Frace got busted for a DUI and possession at 7:30 PM on a Sunday night. Most people celebrated Chase’s win by running around, screaming at the TV or saying they were proud to fly his flag next to the American flag. Brian decided to blow twice the legal limit which is insane, BZF must have been boozing all day on Coors Light to achieve that. He’s a company man, after all, work the sponsor in when you can.

France also was in the possession of Oxycodone as well, you know the drug that kid from high school who never left your hometown is totally not addicted to, ok Justin. Brian France has a few vices, which we all expected but now know for sure. Oxy’s and alcohol are not a recommended combination, pretty sure every doctor will tell you that.

The day after the biggest push of momentum NASCAR could ask for going into football season their unheralded leader shot all the momentum down with drugs, alcohol and President Trump.

And sources tell us … during the process, France was name-dropping all of the powerful people he knew and even mentioned his relationship with President Donald Trump.

As if getting arrested for a DUI and a controlled substance wasn’t bad enough, drunk Brian France also worked Donald Trump into this conversation. This is a story made for mainstream outlets now, thanks Brian, you played yourself.

It only took less than 18 hours for Chase Elliott’s win to be overshadowed. NASCAR needed that shot in the arm the #9 car gave them, unfortunately, the sport couldn’t stay out of its own way. Brian France should have been outed years ago, he has a history of appearing to be under the influence of substances and the NASCAR board allowed him to continue. Sunday night it all came to a head and the Hampton’s police are the Daytona Beach police. This wasn’t getting looked over this time.

Per NASCAR rules Brian needs to enter the “Road to Recovery” program for an undetermined amount of time, hopefully forever. Who will be the new CEO of NASCAR?

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