Leavine Family Racing Working To Re-Sign Kasey Kahne & Switch To Toyota

Outperforming Michael McDowell’s tenure at Leavine Family Racing certainly isn’t anything a person would write a book about but it is enough to get a contract extension.  LFR said this weekend that the team is looking to extend their relationship with Kasey Kahne past 2018.

“He’s done very well for us, in fact, we’re working on his contract to extend it, so that’s how we feel about him,” Leavine said. “That’s our goal. You never know what’s going to happen, we’re working on it right now.

That is true, you never know what’s going to happen. Right, Michael?

But for all intents and purposes, Kasey Kahne appears to be headed back to LFR in 2019 barring Christoper Bell finding a bag and buying the ride. Although Leavine said that wouldn’t be happening.

Kahne headed to LFR after being replaced at Hendrick Motorsports by Lord William Byron. Kahne never truly found his footing at HMS and the team paid him to race with LFR this season. At 38, YES KASEY KAHNE IS 38, his career is winding down but LFR and a switch to Toyota may just be the revival he needs to two more years when someone else takes his ride. Just seems like yesterday he was finishing in second all those times in 2004. Now here we are, watching Kasey Kahne at 38.

Bob Leavine said his team has informed RCR they will not continue their alliance past this year and they are 90% certain they’ll be switching to Toyota in 2019. RCR was shocked to learn they had an alliance with LFR.

Switching to Toyota is certainly interesting because the manufacturer only provides factory support for 5 cars. Four from Joe Gibbs Racing and one from Furniture Row Racing. Other smaller teams run Toyota bodies but don’t recieve the TRD support the factory teams do. BK Racing, Gaunt Brothers, you know the teams. If LFR becomes a factory team with Toyota their performance will undoubtedly improve, if they don’t get the JGR alliance or backing from TRD this whole move was for naught.

At least LFR is trying to become a competitive team and not a mid-pack afterthought. The sport needs more teams with that mentality. More competitive cars is never a bad thing and something NASCAR desperately needs.

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