GMS Hire Elliott For Road America, Bill Elliott That Is

Awesome Bill From Dawsonville is back!

Bill Elliott will be behind the wheel of the GMS Racing #23 at Road America in a few weeks making his first start in a NASCAR series since the July Cup Daytona race in 2012.

Let’s be honest here, this is the biggest shock since Brian Scott said he was retiring. Dude, you could have disappeared and no one would have noticed. Bill Elliott could have slipped right back into a car and people would have been like “Bill’s here” all nonchalant like. Why? Because you just expect Bill Elliott to be in a race car, it’s not a surprise. He’s back where he belongs.

Earlier in the year, Chase Elliott drove that #23 after Spencer Gallagher got suspended for whatever drug he decided to snort, inject, swallow or smoke. Now Bill hops in that #23 to wheel it around the iconic Road America road course and I’ll be honest, he’s going to surprise some folks.

Bill hasn’t been sitting around twiddling his thumbs since his last start. He’s been wheeling cars around at vintage days with Ray Evernham at Indianapolis and Road Atlanta this year. He wasn’t putting around either, Bill has one speed and it goes as fast as you can.

At 62 years old Bill might be the best chance the siren in Dawsonville, GA has to flex its lungs this year. Chase is still looking for a win and meanwhile that button and siren are just gathering dust. Bill will be up against Xfinity regulars but he’s in great equipment.

Great PR move by GMS as well. We all know about Spencer Galapagos and his dad owning and sponsoring the team. Now they add a fan favorite, literally, the guy won every fan favorite trophy for like three lifetimes. Now GMS gets all the fans on their side, brilliant.

August 25th, catch Bill at Road America.

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