Joe Gibbs Says “We Have To Keep Christopher Bell” Uhhhh Ya Think?

“We have to keep him,” Gibbs said to SiriusXM NASCAR Radio of ensuring Bell remains in the Toyota and JGR fold. “Just put it that way. We have to. I think Toyota has a lot invested. We do. I really think he’s a future star. You never know when you step up to the next level, that’s a huge step. We think he’s well on his way. I think he’s showing everyone what his abilities are and his talents.”

Joe Gibbs says he wants to keep the guy who has won the last 3 Xfinity races, two of those against Cup guys?

Uhhh ya think?

Christopher Bell is an absolute talent developed in a TRD lab and unleashed on the dirt tracks of Oklahoma. He’s not going anywhere that doesn’t have the Camry/Supra badge on it. Christopher Bell’s kid’s kids will be driving Toyotas that’s how ingrained in TRD he is at this point.

Bell might not have a personality or anything resembling one but when you put your helmet on and get behind the wheel none of that matters. SOMEONE GIVE HIM A PERSONALITY. His baby face that is borderline Bobby Hill status certainly doesn’t help his cause but even Bobby had a personality albeit a shitty one that wasn’t very exciting. Bell wins and he climbs out the car, hugs his girlfriend and smiles. Dude, we know you’re a robot it’s fine just try to look comfortable.

As for where he is going to end up next season. Leavine Family Racing is rumored to be exploring a switch to Toyota next year and Kasey Kahne is there on a one year deal. If that all falls into place you could see C.Bell in the #95 February in Daytona. There is always the possibility of Furniture Row Racing starting a second team, again. They first need to re-sign Martin, re-sign with TRD/Gibbs and then find sponsorship for Truex. Just a short list of meaningless tasks to get through.

Denny Hamlin isn’t going anywhere for everyone saying he’s the next man out at Gibbs. He just signed a long-term deal in the last year. The only person who may get outed at Gibbs is Suarez but his confidence may be growing after that second place finish at Pocono.

But yeah, Gibbs definitely wants to hang onto Christopher Bell that’s the most obvious statement since Evernham said Casey Atwood was the next can’t miss.

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