Aric Almirola v. Matt Dibenedetto The Rivalry You Won’t Get For This One Reason

If Rick Allen wants to scream about a true David v. Goliath look no further than Aric Almirola and SHR v. Matt Dibenedetto his small GoFas Racing team. Have we mentioned GoFas is a small team? If you haven’t hang around Reddit for a day and a half and Matt D will tell you.

After the Pocono race for whatever reason Matt D in his #32 decided to turn Almirola on the cool down lap and then proceed to get in his face like a boxer storming into the ring after a prize fight claiming he’s better than the dude that just won. Which generally isn’t true or else you’d be in that position however if you want to take to Reddit to talk about your career accolades there is always that option.

Dibenedetto looks more like a guy that should be in the Barstool Rough and Rowdy than a guy arguing on pit road at a NASCAR race. Then again Aric Almirola looks more suited to coach a youth soccer team than fighting anyone that isn’t the Verizon store worker. What I’m trying to say is Matt D would kick his ass but first he’d have to check with Reddit to make sure they approved or make a video explaining himself from his childhood bedroom with memorabilia behind him. Either way, it’d be annoying.

This isn’t even a rivalry in the making. Almirola has a legit shot at winning. Matt D. has a legit shot at running 25th every week sooooooo this is a nonstory┬ánext week at Watkins Glen unless of course they wreck each other again and at that point, we’re all here for that.

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