Who Won The NASCAR Trucks Series Race At Pocono? You Have One Guess

Kyle Busch.

Congrats to all of you for guessing correctly a perfect 100% for the class so there will be no curve applied to this.

See you all next week where we’ll play the game again.

Some fun facts to hold you over until the next test that Fox undoubtedly thinks are so great and would love to scream at you on RaceHub this week between fake laughter and Larry Mac saying Jew-Lie.

Kyle Busch tied Ron Hornaday for most wins in Truck Series history with 51. Kyle did it at age 33, Hornaday didn’t even race a truck until he was 36. Can you believe that? *Slaps the table and waits for Adam Alexander to screech about it*

Also, MRN said Kyle Busch damaged the track surface thanks to his firey burnout. That absolutely did not happen but you can bet your ass SiriusXM NASCAR will be talking about it at ad nauseam.

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