Kevin Harvick Wins The Pole, Kevin Harvick Loses The Pole, Daniel Suarez Is On Pole, Here’s The Gander Mountain 400 Lineup

When NBCSN went off the air Kevin Harvick was the pole sitter and Kyle Busch was starting alongside him for Sunday’s Gander Mountain 400 at Pocono. What happened after NBCSN switched to Xfinity coverage is pure hilarity.

In peak NASCAR fashion they took a stronger stance on failing qualifying inspection than failing post-race inspection for the winner. Fail in qualifying, the pole award is stripped from you and handed to the next legal car. Fail post-race inspection you lose some points but get to keep the trophy and your name in the record book. Every non-NASCAR fan reads that and haha kidding no non-NASCAR fan is reading this.

Kevin Harvick and 12 other drivers all had their times deleted and were subsequently disqualified from qualifying. Because this is an impound race NASCAR conducts the inspection after qualifying, a typical race weekend they do it beforehand. The post-qualifying inspection wreaked havoc this weekend.

Here are the results of qualifying before inspection.

Kevin Harvick on pole, Kyle Busch in second, two of the big three going head to head after their run in last weekend in Loudon. It’s an Eddie Gossage wet dream, it’s the South Park meme with jizz all over the room. If NASCAR is going to be a boring and predictable series this year you have to build off the only “rivalry” you have and this was it for them.

Just kidding Harvick loses the pole, Kyle Busch loses second and all hell broke loose behind them. Here is what the lineup looks like after inspection.

Well, that’s not even close to what we started with. This lineup looks like a rough draft that by the end of it isn’t even close to where you started. You wanted to write about the War of 1812, instead, you wrote about the current climate of the South China Sea and everyone looks at you like what?

Denny Hamlin was 7th after qualifying, after inspection he’s lining up on the front row! Things are really looking up for the owner of the largest home Lake Norman, about time something good happens to Dennis.

Five of the top seven were disqualified. Instead of starting on pole Kevin Harvick will now start 29th which honestly isn’t even that bad. Kyle Busch starts in front of him because cars without times in qualifying are set by owner’s points.

What would have been great is if David Hoots walked down the line of all the drivers and said “you, you, you, you,…. OUT!” and then trundled back into the tent.

Stage 1 tomorrow will be the most interesting stage in Pocono history. Since NASCAR is throwing out the little credibility they have in 2019 why not have half the fast cars always start in the back? Because 13 cars trying to run through the Star Com Racing’s of the world is going to moderately fun to watch. I’d hate to see this play out.

Daniel Saurez got his first pole thanks to Harvick and Busch failing inspection. Weirdly enough he got the pole award flag, picture, all that fun stuff. If this was a race win he would have stayed third because welcome to NASCAR logic. It’s awesome for Suarez that he’s on the pole. Put yourself into position to capitalize, that’s all that matters in racing and this week in qualifying of all places he and the #19 team did just that.

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