Leavine Family Racing Exploring A Switch To Toyota W/Joe Gibbs Racing

Motorsports inside Adam Stern was at it again last night. While some of us were pounding the pavement, carrying a notepad and trying to be Big J journos in the garage area at Kentucky, Adam was breaking news.

Turns out while I was wondering what the hell the 95’s sponsor “Darkmatter” this weekend is the Leavine Family Racing team might have some plans up their sleeve for 2019. They fired crew chief Travis Mack three races ago due to differences between himself and ownership. They hired Kasey Kahne this year and they’re looking to take the #95 to the next level. What’s the best and easiest way to do that?

Follow the Furniture Row Racing mold.

LFR could easily become a Toyota team next year with a Joe Gibbs alliance. Currently, Furniture Row Racing has an alliance with JGR. However, there is speculation surrounding that arrangement considering the two sides haven’t agreed on anything for 2019 and the future. Could the LFR rumors be linked that that? There is certainly a possibility of that.

There are a number of questions that arise if this switch in manufacturers does in fact happen. Will LFR continue to be a one-car team or will they field two cars? Is Kasey Kahne going to be a one and done destined to follow the World of Outlaws across the country in 2019? Or is Christopher Bell not ready yet? A lot of questions and no real answers outside of Stern saying JGR expects Bell back in the Xfinity Series in 2019.

For now, though Silly Season is ramping up in July. There is an empty grandstand worth of questions that need to be answered for 2019 and we should start to get some answers over the next few weeks and months. For now though, we’re all here for the rumors.

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