What if Furniture Row Racing Doesn’t Re-Sign With Joe Gibbs Racing/Toyota?

Furniture Row Racing’s relationship with Toyota and Joe Gibbs Racing has been a lucrative one without a doubt. I’m talking really big rings for the whole team kind of lucrative. In their three year relationship, FRR has won 15 races and the 2017 NASCAR Cup Series Championship. But could things look different for FRR in 2019?

One of the biggest stories that isn’t being talked about has to be the fact Furniture Row Racing has not re-signed with Toyota and Joe Gibbs Racing for 2019 yet. They obviously will want to, why wouldn’t they? Barney Visser’s team went from a mid-pack team to a weekly contender thanks to this partnership and Cole Pearn’s big brain.

If you’re Joe Gibbs Racing you have to raise the price on Furniture Row Right? They’re taking your equipment and beating you with it more weeks than not. The price for cars and support shot right up after Martin Truex Jr. won the championship last season. Listen, Joe Gibbs is in the business of making money ultimately and the demand is high for their services, if FRR wants to compete they have to pay.

Martin Truex Jr. also has not re-signed with FRR yet. Truex will naturally want to remain with FRR if their JGR/Toyota partnership continues. If the partnership doesn’t continue though Truex will undoubtedly¬†want to remain competitive, can that happen without the JGR alliance?

Before FRR teamed up with JGR/TRD they won only once in 2015 with Truex as a Chevy team. They did make the Final Four that season and race for a championship at Homestead. Their performance shot up in 2016 and 2017 thanks to their new alliance. Without that alliance, they likely don’t win a championship or as many races. TRD/JRG is a crucial partnership for this one car team from Denver.

It would absolutely absurd if the partnership didn’t continue. Truex body bagged the competition last year and JGR can obviously benefit from Cole Pearn’s brain. Raise the price a little and keep one of your biggest competitors in house¬†so you know what they’re doing.

If a new deal isn’t struck though it will be very interesting to see if FRR sticks with Toyota or if they form an alliance with another team and manufacturer. You can bet it won’t be with RCR though as much as the boys in Welcome, NC wants them to come back.

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