Contrary To What Stewart Haas Racing’s Twitter Says, NASCAR Is Not That Accessible For Fans

Stewart-Haas Racing’s social media manager just wanted to engage the fans last weekend and hype up how great NASCAR is. Unfortunately for that poor out of touch soul IndyCar and sports car fans had something completely different in mind.

It all started with one simple tweet begging for retweets to boost those analytics numbers, we’ve all been there.

Here’s the thing about that tweet, it’s completely and utterly false. NASCAR does not give fans the best experience in all of sports, in fact, it’s not even close.

NASCAR, the teams, and the media love to boast about how close fans can get to the drivers and the cars. Which only brings one question to my mind. Have any of these people actually gone to a race as a fan?

I’ve been to races as a fan and as a media member and let me tell you, NASCAR is the hardest series to get close to drivers/cars/anything outside of your seat. A series built on being accessible while shitting on open-wheel racing for being boujeeĀ at every turn has now swapped places.

IndyCar is 100% more accessible than NASCAR. If you’re a fan and you want the most bang for your buck go to an IndyCar race. Your chance of running into a driver, team member, getting a picture of a car is exponentially higher.

NASCAR Access Is Unattainable

NASCAR says they allow their fans access to their favorite driver all the way up to the point they climb in the car. That’s just patently false because the only people on pit road are VIPs or people that know someone with access to hot passes. Even in the garage area, there aren’t a plethora of fans there. This weekend at Kentucky I’ll take pictures, the number of fans there will be so tiny.

You know where the fans usually are?

Smashed up against the garage area fence getting a nice waffle belly imprint while their favorite driver saunters by signing maybe one autograph or acting too important to look at the fans. That’s where most fans are and it’s sad actually. They were told they could meet their favorite driver and they aren’t able to. Unless of course you count seeing them pass by on a golf cart as meeting them. Better yet sometimes drivers put the sides down on the golf carts so you can’t see them.

Now listen, I don’t think drivers owe every fan an autograph or picture. But don’t go around saying that your stars are accessible because they generally aren’t.

Check Out IndyCar Sometime

The difference between IndyCar and NASCAR is the former knows their place in the sporting world. IndyCar knows it needs to promote itself harder than ever as they continue to grow the series. Their drivers are widely more accessible because of this as well.

Getting garage passes in IndyCar isn’t a thousand dollar process or knowing someone that can get them for you. Go to Indianapolis sometime and see the legions of fans inside the garage area. A NASCAR fan said the reason stock car racing didn’t do that is because having “50,000 fans in the garage is dumb.” Yeah man, because the entire grandstand is going to be in the garage, some weekends there aren’t even 50k fans at the track total.

But IndyCar drivers are much more in touch with fans. Drivers will hang out with the fans on test days, show up and stay way longer at appearances, stop at almost any time to take a picture, talk or sign a hero card.

NASCAR isn’t the most accessible sport for the fans. It is if you have three months of rent to drop on a race to get close to your favorite driver. It’s easy to say you’re accessible but when everyone actually knows what the fan experience is really like it’s not so easy.

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