Santino Ferrucci Showed Everyone How To Torpedo A Racing Career In One Weekend

Santino Ferrucci showed everyone in motorsports how to decimate a semi-promising racing career in the matter of one weekend. The kid with the traditional Connecticut family name took to Silverstone this weekend and made a complete ass out of himself and anyone associated with his antics.

Haas F1’s test driver races for Trident in F2, well raced for Trident because there’s no way he gets back in that seat after his 2-race ban. Ferrucci purposefully ran into his teammate Arjun Maini on the cool down lap for something the Indian driver did during the race.

Definitely do not purposefully run into anyone on the cool down lap or any other time for that matter (Tony Stewart joke here because you know people will). Better yet don’t do it when you have a camera on your car and the other car is your teammate. Ferrucci also was reprimanded for driving in the pit lane with his phone in his hand. That’s the most bizarre part about all of this, the hell was he doing with his phone? Listen, bro, I get wanting to check your Bumble matches but just chill out a minute.

Ferrucci then put his Twitter fingers on and shot off some tweets that have since been deleted. He made fun of his teammate for crying on the radio, which he did, and then said that he’s passed a drug test but maybe we make him take another.

Ferrucci and his father are also accused of mocking Maini and his parent’s accents this weekend in the paddock at Silverstone. There is no place in sport or society for making fun of the way someone talks. Unless it’s someone from Boston saying “U-bah” then you can laugh in their stupid face. Everyone else, just let them be an have their own accents and dialects, it’s ok to be different.

To top off this crazy story there was also a report that Ferrucci and his dad wanted to run President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan on his car. What in the fuck is happening over in the Ferrucci camp that they would think that would be a good idea? Just a bizarre turn of events but not even shocking.

To break it down here is what happened:

  • Hit his teammate on the cool down lap
  • Had his phone out in the car in the pitlane with his glove off checking those mentions
  • Took to Twitter to mock his teammate
  • Refused to attend a stewards meeting about his actions
  • Mocked his teammate’s accent with his dad (allegedly)
  • Wanted to run a MAGA livery because why the fuck not.

Ferrucci got a 60k pound fine and a two-race ban. Haas F1 said they are gathering the information which seems pretty clear but you do you, Haas. Trident is seeking legal action against Ferrucci so that’s fantastic. Overall open-wheel racing never lacks for drama and Trident has certainly given us enough drama for the year.

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