NASCAR’s Policy For Stripping Wins Makes Zero Sense, A Comprehensive Look

NASCAR stripped the win from Justin Haley seconds after he crossed the finish line first Friday night. It was determined that Haley’s #24 car went below the double yellow line as he passed Kyle Larson and Elliott Sadler while they side drafted each other.

Haley was no longer the winner, instead the win went to Kyle Larson who beat Elliott Sadler in the same fashion Tyler Reddick did it back in February. When you watch the replay you see Haley cross the line clearly ahead of the other two but try explaining to a non-NASCAR fan that he didn’t win.

Here is a comprehensive look at

Things That Make NASCAR Strip A Win

Passing below the yellow line.

And nothing else.

Things That Will Not Make NASCAR Strip A Win

Cheating in any form. Car height, part modification, aero modification, anything. NASCAR has a precedent for not stripping wins away from illegal race cars per the rules.

Crashing the leader. Unless you’re Ricky Rudd way back in the day and even then the win wasn’t stripped from him. Robby Gordon could probably fall in that category as well.

Literally, anything else you can think of won’t result in a win getting stripped.

But my god if you go below an imaginary out of bounds lines it’s the guillotine for your celebration immediately. Yeah you pass the dreaded double yellow line and everyone in the NASCAR booth loses their collective minds. HOLY SHIT DID YOU SEE THAT? THAT’S A MOVE DETRIMENTAL TO STOCK CAR RACING.

Completely ignoring the fact that Haley’s nose was ahead of the other two before he went “below” the double yellow. The other bit of confusion is what constitutes “below the double yellow”? There are two lines, is below the first one a penalty or is it below the second one?

Xfinity Series Director Wayne Auton had this to say about Haley’s ruling;

“The rule states if you advance your position,” Auton said. “He clearly advanced his position at that time. It doesn’t matter if his nose is an inch out front or a foot out front, he’s still clearly inside the inside lane, and it’s a violation of the rule.”

So it doesn’t matter that he’s ahead of the other car and goes below the yellow? He’s already in the advanced position how can he advance the position further? This is the shit that makes no sense sometimes.

NASCAR’s double yellow rule has been a pain in the ass for years and while it makes sense in theory for safety it causes more headaches than anything.

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