Eric Boullier Resigns At McLaren, A Step In The Right Direction

Eric Boullier isn’t the only problem at McLaren but he was certainly part of it.

Boullier resigned Wednesday morning ahead of the British Grand Prix after yet another disappointing performance by McLaren in Austria. Since Boullier took over at McLaren the team has endured the Honda debacle and now a new Renault power unit that seems to be giving them fits once again. While not necessarily Boullier’s problems, he’s still the man that has to answer for the problems.

Replacing Boullier will McLaren consultant and 2003 Indianapolis 500 winner Gil de Ferran. It’s an interesting move on McLaren’s part considering de Ferran doesn’t have a ton of team management experience and has not done it since Honda circa 2005.

McLaren has apparently decided to streamline their management team within the Formula 1 team. In recent years McLaren implemented a management policy where everyone answered to everyone else, essentially there was no head boss. When McLaren was winning races and competing for championships there was only one boss, Ron Dennis. A dictatorship works better than a democracy within race teams and sometimes one guy needs to be in charge.

In recent years McLaren has grown softer than the Ron Dennis years. Boullier was brought in to return McLaren to their winning ways and failed to complete that task. With Boullier resigning other changes were made as well. Simon Roberts COO is now in charge of production, engineering, and logistics. Andrea Stella will be in charge of trackside operations.

McLaren is making changes, it’s a step in the right direction but is it enough to keep Fernando Alonso?

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