Bo LeMastus Buys Salem Speedway, What Does This Mean?

Everyone’s favorite¬†short track in central Indiana has a new owner and it’s a name ARCA fans will immediately recognize.

Bo LeMastus has purchased Salem Speedway and the Salem Airport with the help of Will and Frank Kimmel. The Louisville trio has reportedly finalized a deal for the track an hour outside of Louisville proper. LeMastus is the CEO of Crosley brands, the manufacturers of vintage electronics and the jukeboxes Kentucky gives away in Victory Lane.

The new ownership group also said that the airport was purchased and a road course would be built on the property. We’re turning right and left boys and girls and I’m not sure if the fine people of Salem are ready for it. Hopefully, they incorporate the runway into the track and make it like an old-school Top Gear set up. Also hopefully ARCA runs a doubleheader there on the oval and the road course.

According to Chris Knight (still blocked), the speedway will also have a name change. Huge bummer for those of us who love Salem as it is but it’s definitely going to be called Crosley Raceway Park or something like that. It’ll always be Salem Speedway for the rest of us.

This is huge news for the track though. Anyone who has been to Salem knows there are places the track could improve but didn’t have the money to do so. Personally, I love Salem and all of its intricacies and shortcomings as a race track in 2018. I love the cracked asphalt, the grass growing in those cracks, the cinder block front stretch wall, the wavy walls in the corner, the fence that looks below standard (rip rich vogler) all of that makes Salem great. The people, the stories, the personalities, Salem is one of a kind, a dying breed in the world of racing being replaced with neighborhoods, strip malls, or worse, bigger tracks.

Here’s to hoping Bo LeMastus breathes some life into Salem but in the right way. Like what Tony Stewart did with Eldora. Don’t change much, maybe just make sure the crossover gate is fully secured and pave the hauler’s lot outside the track. Oh, some lights in the bathroom outside of turn 1 would be cool too.

Also, this is a really smart move on LeMastus’ part. With NASCAR purchasing ARCA if he can put SAFER barriers up at Salem there is a decent chance the track could host a truck race in the near future. Moneybags, money bags, money bags. In Salem dollars of course.

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