The French Grand Prix Went So Well They Want 20,000 More Fans In 2019

Formula 1 returned to France for the first time since 2008 this past weekend and the people of France were ecstatic. Throw aside the fact F1 drove around some pointed lines in a parking lot like a glorified autocross course, the sport was back in its birth country.

As fans flocked to the circuit on Friday for FP1 and FP2 they were met with traffic armageddon and Bruce Willis was nowhere to be found. Fans sat in 4.5 hours worth of traffic to go 46km (28 miles), that’s a stress test even heart doctors would deem too strenuous. Fans sat in this traffic, missing all of FP1 and some of FP2. Some fans just left, they went back to their hotels and didn’t bother coming back the rest of the weekend.

Grand Prix organizer Christian Estrosi deemed all those people that didn’t return were liars.

“If I look at all those who might have said that on Friday, there were 30,000 of them – 45,000 of them came on the next day and 65,000 today,” he said.

“In the end, it completely refutes what you’re claiming.

“So the question we must ask next year is: do we need to aim for 65,000 or 80,000?

“I’m convinced that we need to aim for more next year.

His solution to the absolute nightmare of a traffic issue, MORE FANS.

It’s a brilliant display of blind optimism. “All of those cars sitting on the roads out there? Yeah, that’s just a parade the fans wanted to put on for the Renault factory.” Mr. Estrosi is a babbling fool.

Trying to pack 20,000 more fans into a region that can’t handle 10,000 let alone the 65k that should up is asinine. Kentucky Speedway can relax though, Paul Ricard takes the cake for the worst traffic flow in the history of race tracks. Four hours after the race the traffic around the circuit was still an absolute nightmare.

The response to this? Sometimes fans will do things like this to attend an event. Sure they do it once and never go back. If NFL games were like this fans would absolutely never go. France may want 85k next season but 50k might show up because they don’t want to deal with the traffic nightmare.

Do you France.

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