NASCAR Lied About Using The All-Star Aero Package But Also Made The Right Call

NASCAR’s All-Star Race aero package is DEAD.

For now.

If this was Rotten Tomatoes it would be a solid 61% from the fans but a measly 42% from the critics. It was well received but everyone was left like well I’ll need to see more of this. Like the first episode of Breaking Bad, you thought it was great but what does the future hold and do you want to find out? Obviously yes but NASCAR is pumping the brakes. (Get it? Cars, stopping).

After the All-Star Race NASCAR VP Steve O’Donnell announced the series was looking at using the package in 2-3 regular season cup races. The idea was to likely use it at a 1.5-mile track, Michigan and likely Indianapolis. The series was gung-ho about using it after fans were raving about what they saw in the ASR.

Then things changed. People like this blog that you’re reading started asking, do you really want to watch a series that allows Michael Waltrip, Ryan Reed, and Austin Dillon look like legitimate contenders? Is that something you’re ok with? Leveling the playing field to allow subpar talent to costume themselves as contenders? Once the questioning started the dialogue within the NASCAR offices changed.

JK We’re Not Using It In 2018 Now

We had a lot of detailed conversations, but in the end, we all felt like the best thing to do was to put some additional effort into some potential tweaks and focus on 2019 versus a race or two this season,” Steve O’Donnell, NASCAR’s executive vice president and chief development officer, told

So in the matter of a few weeks, the sport has gone from “hell yes this is a great idea” to “uhh we sobered up, thought about it and yeah maybe we wait until next year.” Apparently converting 40 cars and backups to this package was a little more than they expected. Hence why the Xfinity series has slowly pushed this package out.

It’s Ok To Wait (every teenager’s parent on prom night)

A lot of NASCAR media and fans have clowned on NASCAR for this decision reversal and it’s well warranted. However, it’s fine that they want to wait and better in the long run.

One of the tracks the series wanted to try this at was Kentucky and that would have been an absolute nightmare. This package is only good at high banked tracks with little to no off throttle time. Kentucky doesn’t have the banking for that and would turn into the Xfinity race at Pocono.

NASCAR has instead decided to figure out what to do with this package and where to take it to, preferably nowhere. For once it’s nice to see them take a step back and figure this out. Instead of jumping right in and marrying the person you met in Cancun 2 weeks ago you step back and digest the situation.

Teams already had their budgets set for 2018, cars are already built and prepped for certain tracks. Adding new noses to all these cars is expensive, cutting the air ducts out, the spoilers, splitters are all things that have to be accounted for. For once NASCAR did the right thing.

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