People Actually Think Kyle Busch Won NASCAR’s Rain Shortened Race In Michigan

When David Hoots emphatically grumbled “put it out, put it out” on lap 130 of the Cup race at Michigan this past weekend for Kasey Kahne and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. there was a feeling that could be the end of the race. Ultimately it was as the rain rolled in and three laps later NASCAR declared the race official. It’s what happened on that final lap that has a sect of NASCAR fans thinking the results are unofficial still.

NASCAR officials called the pace car down pit road on lap 132, on pit road they passed the start-finish line to start lap 133 as the cars came to a stop near pit exit. As soon as NASCAR called the pace car down pit road they then changed their minds (seems to be a trend) and told the pace car to stay out and take the checkered flag. Half the cars followed the pace car down pit road, the other half stayed on track and drove around on lap 133. They were forced to stop at the other end of pit lane as to not complete lap 133 and move to lap 134. Still following along?

Because Kyle Busch was the first car that stayed out and drove under the flag stand when NASCAR called the race “official” they believe he won the race. NASCAR has more mentally unhealthy fans than any other sport and this weekend only reasserted that idea.

Durb here fails to understand that the series made one call and then immediately switched it as the pace car was headed to pit road. This isn’t a Mark Martin situation this is NASCAR being indecisive and inconsistent.

People also fail to understand that Bowyer still crossed the start-finish line first, still. That seems to be a crucial point that all of these future 5150’s fail to understand.

Tag more people you, Jeff. No one has protested NASCAR since they failed to get rebel flags out of the infields. Why isn’t NASCAR more mainstream? Because people look at individuals like Jeff and see a level of crazy that rivals Brittney in her prime. Amanda Bynes laughs at the unstableness of these people. Meanwhile, NASCAR media members entertain these pests.

Clint Bowyer won on Sunday.

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