Would A Headbutt From Max Verstappen Hurt?

Last week before the Canadian Grand Prix Max Verstappen said he “might headbutt someone” if people keep asking him about his mistakes. The questions are fair because he does have a lot of mistakes. It’s like Donald Trump and then Max in a close second for the most mistakes since March.

That begs the question, would a headbutt from Max Verstappen hurt?

Max measures in at 1.8m that’s 5’9″ for all of you stuck on standard. At 5’9″ though should we even be concerned about a headbutt? I’m 7 inches taller than Max, a headbutt merely hits me in the chest. Not for nothing but I think I can take a little Dutch boy’s head to the chest if it means I get to keep harping on his mistakes.

For someone shorter though, Max has a stiff neck. His neck muscles are out of this world, ole’ Fernando Alonso neck over there could probably dent a skull pretty easily. Let’s go through some scenarios;

Best Case Scenario

Max lightly headbutts you and puts you on your ass but only because you were startled. Definitely not because horse neck knocked you off your balance like this biker did to a meth head wearing crocs.

Medium Case Scenario

Max headbutts you like this Russian gang member does this reporter and you’re left with an Artie Lange nose, mild case of CTE and half a pack of cotton balls shoved up to your cranium to stop the blood falls coming out of your nose.

Worst Case Scenario

You get absolutely demolished to the point you think your mother is your sister, your home is a medieval castle and cars haven’t been invented yet. (brutal video, sorry about that.)

Overall I think Max might deliver the Zidane headbutt special up to most people. Not scared by that, not as concerned with it as Al Michaels was in 2006. It’s 2018, worst things could happen than a little wooden shoe wearing boy acting like a mountain ram.

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