Cool Down Lap: Clint Bowyer Rains Supreme, Get It?

Rain wreaked havoc in Michigan over the weekend and after a 2.5-hour rain delay on Sunday the Cup race finally got underway. Against all odds set by Twitter weathermen, the series raced to beat the rain or complete 200 laps, whichever came first. The former happened first and the race was stopped after 133 laps with Clint Bowyer in the lead.

You Drive A Camaro or Camry? Sucks To Be You, Bro

If your driver was in a Camaro or Camry on Sunday you were understood real quick that they would not be in victory lane when the checkered flag fell. The blue oval gang acted like they were in The Warriors asking if anyone else wanted to come out and play as they dominated Sunday.

Roush Yates Engines have been the strongest engines in the series the last two years. Combine that with whatever SHR found aero wise and they have a nearly unbeatable package that is wreaking havoc on the series. Ford has now won 8 out of the 15 races this year and there is no end in sight for them slowing down.

Chevy’s best hope was Kyle Larson who won the last 3 races at Michigan. A spin-off 4 relegated him to a 26th place finish and Chevy’s best hope fell on the shoulders of Lord William Byron and Chase “Hate it for my guys” Elliott. Toyota kept up a little more than Chevy, Kyle Busch’s 4th place finish was the best they could muster.


NASCAR rules are open to change with no notice* Always read the terms and conditions.

As the race approached the end of stage 1 Matt Kenseth spun and brought out the caution. NASCAR for some reason feels like they have to finish stages under green, they absolutely do not, but they think so. Instead of ending the stage and allowing everyone to pit NASCAR closed the pits did one caution lap and hurried Kenseth off the track. The 6 car was dragging itself around the track like a wounded animal on the Serengeti and apparently, NASCAR inspected the track that quickly and said it was safe.

A one-lap shootout ensued and then the caution came back out for 4 laps. The problem here is with closing the pits and rushing the restart for a pointless one lap. There are rules and standards for cautions and NASCAR seemingly changes the rules whenever they feel like it. Consistency is all fans want and NASCAR continues to not give it to them.

Bowyer Rains Supreme

Clint Bowyer got his second win of the season, not his second consecutive win as John Roberts said in Victory Rain (get it?). March and June aren’t next to each other on the calendar. This is the first time Clint has won multiple races in a season since 2012 when he was 3 and was bodied by Jeff Gordon at Phoenix.

A second win helps move Bowyer up the playoff seeding and gives the #14 team momentum as they continue to find their way in a second season together. I’m not ready to add him to the Big 3 of Harvick/Busch/Truex yet but a few more solid runs and Clint might actually be a title contender.  And we all know Matt in Cincinnati’s opinion is what matters.

If this race runs the full 400 miles does Clint win? Maybe, maybe not but he was certainly a Top-3 car most of the day. Rain shortened races sometimes give surprising results, this likely isn’t one of those times.

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