Here Is Information About The F1 Miami GP From Someone In Miami (We Think?)

“Welcome to Miami” is bumping in the Formula 1 offices this week as the series looks to solidify their race on the streets of South Beach somewhere in Miami. The details about the race have been a little scarce but a proposed layout in the shape of a Fortnite battle axe was released.

Thankfully for everyone on the internet browsing the wonderful world that is Reddit, someone in Miami has us covered. Granted this is Reddit and just two days ago someone said Matt Crafton was going to race an IndyCar. Sometimes it is not the greatest medium for reliable information. Here is what the Reddit user had to say;

I attended a community meeting for downtown Miami residents that was put on to discuss the impact the race would have on us. It was attended by the mayor of Miami, our county commissioner, a representative from The Related Group (financiers), and two representatives from Formula 1 themselves. I’ll make some points below that I have learned, and feel free to ask me any questions as well.

  • Track design is relatively final from what we’ve seen published and the bridge section is all but guaranteed. This section allows for much less disruption to the local residents because it keeps a large portion of the track off the main boulevard. Concern for residents is playing a significant role in the design. Because F1 is playing the pursuer role, the city seems to have a large part in dictating the roads that can be used. Also, Formula E came to Miami for their first year and left a bad taste in people’s mouths.

  • October 2019 race

  • F1 Fanfest in Miami will be same weekend as Austin US GP this year

  • Morning race doesn’t seem to be happening, afternoon is most likely

  • 10 year contract minimum to see that the private investment being spent will see returns

  • Contract is supposed to be final and signed by July!

  • F1 reps were very seasoned in answering questions and the room changed from angry residents to cautious optimism

According to this individual, the race is being run on the bridge/port to limit the number of public roads that will be closed. Listen, I don’t hate this idea because they shut down my street every other week for a 5k or something and I’m not happy about it ever. This is a Formula 1 race though, racing through a port is pointless.

Concerned citizens, however, are the worst. “What about the noise” it’s one weekend, look out your window and stare at the ocean, do some blow, just relax Miami. Focus on the baseball team that is robbing you blind or figure out how to get LeBron back.

October in Miami doesn’t sound terrible, at least it won’t be 90 with 100% humidity and no one cares about the Dolphins so you don’t have to worry about the NFL.  A fan fest this year in Miami should draw about 14 Cubans, a handful of Mexican’s and about 75 Russian’s showing off their hairy chests under their poor fitting button-ups.

No morning race isn’t bad for those of us in the states. For everyone else, sucks to be you. We might have a shit President but we have 1 PM start times. A 10-year contract will only last 3 years max.

Shockingly F1 reps there to answer questions were able to answer everything. No kidding, almost like they were sent there to calm everyone down. Like an oil company raiding wells in West Virginia. Or wherever that Matt Damon movie took place.

This is happening, F1 cars will be in Miami but the dynamics of the deal are going to be completely different than anything agreement from the Bernie era and that’s not a bad thing.

Side note; if the logo/poster for this race isn’t in Miami Vice colors they wasted an opportunity and I hate them.

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