NASCAR/Goodyear Test New Tire Compound, Brad Keselowski Not Happy With Outcome

Goodyear will be bringing a new tire compound to Michigan this weekend hoping to turn last year’s parade into a Mad Max film according to the press release NASCAR put out below.

NASCAR –Goodyear officials said that the new compounds are designed to introduce more wear, placing a premium on tire management. The makeup of the tire is also designed to minimize heat build-up on one of the schedule’s fastest tracks.

“Michigan was paved not too many years ago and the track still has a lot of grip, so we have to be cognizant of that and the speeds the Cup cars are running when we make our tire recommendation,” Greg Stucker, Goodyear’s director of racing, said in a release provided by the tire maker. “We tested at Michigan this spring with the expressed intent of looking at right-side tire temperatures, and came away with a great compound that will wear more and run cooler. We also were able to update our left-side construction and go with a compound on that side of the car that will wear more as well.”

One thing drivers and fans have asked for is more tire wear. Goodyear has been bringing semi truck tires to races that don’t wear. Now they have put emphasis on tire wear and everyone should be happy. Minimize heat so the bead doesn’t melt and cars exit the race track stage right in the corners and they’ll wear over a run. Fantastic.

The drivers should be happy about this. A handful of drivers tested a variety of compounds for Goodyear and their input was definitely taken into account when the tire selection was made. Just ask Brad Keselowski, he tested the tires so naturally, he’s a fan of this decision.

NASCAR pulled the old “we value your opinion but we’re going to do this.” Basically every time my girlfriend asks me what I think then does the exact opposite, NASCAR is our significant other. Keselowski said they recommended every compound but the one NASCAR chose so either one of two things happened here.

  1. The #2 car performed terribly on the compound NASCAR chose that’s why the #2 team didn’t recommend that tire.
  2. NASCAR listened to Brad on how to format the All-Star race and that was a complete cluster that made a snapchat update seem logical. So NASCAR now just tosses Brad’s ideas out the window like a Donald Trump tweet. Well NASCAR doesn’t toss those out the window but you get the point.

This weekend at Michigan just got a little more enticing, however. Now we have something new to watch for/talk about instead of will Larson 4-peat or will one of the big 3 win again. Will the tires perform well or will they continue to be made out of granite and never wear? Friday we’ll know.

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