Folks, Here Is A Ludicrous Matt Crafton Rumor

Every now and then a rumor so insane, so bombastic, so out of this world makes its way onto Reddit that we have to share it. This week a rumor regarding NASCAR Truck Series driver Matt Crafton and the Texas IndyCar race arose. Take a look at what this future 5150 had to say on the internet as he clipped his toenails and watched Dancia highlights on his two-decade-old sofa;

Hahahahahahahaha. How? How did u/indyALOrumor even come up with this rumor? Even Tom Bowles wouldn’t believe this rumor.


Catch your breath real quick and we’ll break down this “rumor.”

  • Matt Crafton is going to do the Texas double. Race the truck series race Friday night and the IndyCar race Saturday night.
  • The sponsor is the reason this is happening. Crafton’s sponsors are Menard’s and Seal Master.
  • Which IndyCar’s are sponsored by the same companies? Penske’s #22 Menard’s Chevy driven by Simon Pagenaud and Dale Coyne’s #18 Seal Master Honda is driven by Sebastian Bourdais.
  • Matt Crafton drives a Ford F-150.
  • Crafton is only doing it for this one race and the regular IndyCar driver will be back in the car the rest of the season.

Ok now that we have broken down the ridiculous rumor here are all the reasons Crafton won’t race an IndyCar.

  • Crafton has never driven an IndyCar.
  • Crafton still has never driven an IndyCar.
  • You got it, Crafton absolutely has never an IndyCar.
  • Sebastian Bourdais is racing for a championship.
  • Simon Pagenaud is racing for a championship.
  • Dale Coyne makes some questionable driver choices (Carlos Huertas, Milka Duno) but even Dale would scoff at this.
  • You think Roger Penske would swap Pagenaud out for Crafton? He wouldn’t even let Montoya race the 500.
  • Sponsors don’t have that much pull.

You’re not going to throw LeBron on skates for the NHL season because he’s athletic. You’re not going to throw a stock car driver in an IndyCar race on a notoriously tough oval because he’s a race car driver. I was going to make a joke about an actor becoming president but then it seemed all too real and not funny anymore but you get the point.

There is -100% chance this happens. It’s the funniest thing a Reddit user has posted in awhile. Love the guys that post online like they’re industry insiders. Racing has more mentally unhealthy fans than any other sport and it tends to deliver some fantastic laughs sometime.

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