Dr. Brad Keselowski is not the new NASCAR VP Of Innovation

On the day Dr. Brad Keselowski published his dissertation on why NASCAR needs to embrace hybrid technology and 1000 HP cars the sport made some key personnel changes.

Out was Gene Stefanyshyn as VP of Innovation and Racing Development in was Dr. Brad Keselowski  John Probst. Greg with the preposterous last name will now lead NASCAR’s international efforts as Senior Vice Presiden and Chief International Office a position vacated by Jim Cassidy.

Gene Stefaynynsnsh is responsible for the current NASCAR packages and ultimately the car that fans see on track every Sunday. Meaning if you hate the current racing, front downforce, aero push, and the word splitter look no further than Stefanysysynh.

With Gene out and John Probst in there could be a shift in thinking among the NASCAR innovation and racing department. The fans certainly wouldn’t complain about a shift in ideology. NASCAR has spoken about the Gen 7 racecar that is currently being developed, we don’t know if Probst could shift anything with that project but hopefully, his ideas are taken into account. That is assuming he doesn’t share the same racing ideology Stefansyshsh does.

New ideas of innovation that don’t include anything from Brad Keselowski’s brain:

  • No front splitters bring back the valence
  • No side skirts
  • Ride height rules at plate tracks
  • Air ducts but without restrictor plates, maybe.

Ideas from Brad’s brain NASCAR should avoid:

  • Hybrid technology, not that hybrids are bad but listening to Larry Mac and Steve Letarte explain it every week will drive everyone mad. WE KNOW IT’S ELECTRIC LARRY! WE FUCKING GOT IT. Then he’ll work in a Tesla joke and we all die.
  • Basically everything else too. Just whatever he says we bottle it all up and throw it in the ocean. Someday in 2086, a child on the Gold Coast of Australia will find it and V8 Super hybrids will be born.

NASCAR is making personnel moves and while it’s not really sexy exciting news it certainly could help shape the sport for the future. We all agree for the most part the racing is lackluster, why not have a change in ideas to make it better?

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