There’s like a 95% chance Fernando Alonso Joins IndyCar with McLaren in 2019

Zak Brown is about to have a headache for the entire summer. Fernando Alonso is tired of running mid-pack in Formula 1 and could be looking for a change as soon as 2019. The two-time World Champ reportedly has a performance clause in his McLaren contract that is currently not being met.

Because of that, the team along with Alonso will be exploring options for the 2019¬†season. Most notably a move to North America could be in store for the Spaniard and McLaren’s papaya paint.

America’s domestic open-wheel series, IndyCar could see the former champ join their ranks full time as early as next season. Alonso raced the famed Indianapolis 500 last season contending for the win until his Honda engine expired in a twisted fate that fit the story so well. Now though, Alonso could be headed back to IndyCar, full time.

Following last weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix Alonso called it “probably the most boring race ever” and suggest F1 give the fans that bought tickets their money back. Strong words from a World Champ but also true words. Alonso capped off his remarks with a tweet of the Indy 500 saying he was “ready for the REAL race of the day.” Alonso holds IndyCar and the 500 in higher regards than Monaco at this point.

What Are The Odds Alonso Comes To IndyCar?

The way everyone is talking and the way Alonso is talking the chances he joins IndyCar next season is very, very high. McLaren has talked to Andretti Autosport about partnering for 2019. Next, to Team Penske there is no one better to partner with than Andretti. If Zak Brown can secure that partnership there’s probably a 95% chance Alonso jumps to IndyCar next year.

Alonso wants to win, whether that is in WEC, IndyCar or F1, he just wants to win. Alonso knows he should have three if not four F1 World Championships, that’s not happening though. He now appears to be tired of wasting his talent in mediocre McLaren F1 cars and wants to win again before his career is over. That’s where IndyCar comes in.

Watching Alexander Rossi make the transition has to encourage Alonso. Rossi has a win in each season of IndyCar action so far, not to discount Rossi’s ability but Alonso’s driving talent is immense. The transition and learning curve for him shouldn’t be as steep as it is for others. His chance to compete will be nearly immediate.

The biggest challenge for Alonso will be Phoenix, Gateway, and Texas. Oval racing outside of the 500 is foreign to Alonso but he could pull a Rossi and acclimate to them nearly immediately.

Detroit This Weekend

Zak Brown will be in attendance¬†this weekend at the Duel in Detroit on Belle Isle. Not only will Brown be there but McLaren advisor Gil de Ferran and Alonso’s manager Luis Garcia Abad will also be in attendance.

Listen, if you can’t put these pieces together like a children’s puzzle at the doctor’s office then that’s on you. I can’t hold your hand and guide you anymore.

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