Cool Down Lap: Does The Coke 600 Still Matter?

Sunday night was capped off with NASCAR’s annual “endurance” race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The Coke 600 aka World 600 took a mere 4.5 hours to run and Kyle Busch utterly dominated the race. Overall the race was alright, nothing spectacular but certainly not the Coke 600 of 2016.

Charlotte did a good job prepping the track, there were definitive lanes that allowed for multi-groove racing. The asphalt is now in its 12th year and it looks brand new still. Should have just left that levigated mess that gave us the last memorable Coke 600, Bruton.

Kyle Busch Leads 377 of 400 Laps

Kyle Busch’s performance was no MTJ circa 2016 with 392 of 400 laps led but it was still impressive nonetheless. 1.5-mile tracks with this car/package allow the leader in clean air to run away from the field. The #18 was strong already, give him control of every restart and Kyle Busch is liable to run away with the race and really stink up the show.

Any time a driver leads 377 laps the fans aren’t going to be happy. Everyone wants to see battles for the lead and there was absolutely none of that Sunday night. However, the Coke 600 has been known to serve up some dominating performances and some surprises, sup Mears?

Does NASCAR Need a 600 Mile Race?


4.5 hours is a long time. I watched it, it wasn’t necessarily fun but I watched it. The Coke 500 or 450 would be fine. Maybe run two 300 mile races. One on Sunday and one on Monday. Just an idea. Split it up, double points, you know the IndyCar drill.

Racing Wasn’t Bad But I’m Not Writing Home About It Either

I guess people used to write home on parchment back in the day to tell their mothers about everything that was happening/let them know they were still alive. If that was still happening no one would write home about the racing they saw Sunday night. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great. Would the plate package have been better? Maybe but 600 miles isn’t the place to run it at for the first time in a real race.

Either go with the plates or take downforce off the front of these cars. Pick a package and go in that direction.

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