Best Fan Pictures From Around The Indy 500 This Weekend

It’s a tradition unlike any other. @Indy500Pics fires up every May on Twitter and for the entire Indy 500 weekend, the deranged soul that runs this account scours the internet for pictures of let’s say “unique” fans at the 500. Sometimes pictures are submitted, sometimes they’re screenshots of an Instagram post. Regardless of where they come from they’re always entertaining.

Here are some of the best pictures @Indy500Pics posted from the past weekend. Give them a follow and scroll through every single picture if you want to kill some time in your cube on Tuesday as you nurse a hangover.

No Snake Pit is complete without a small dildo you can stick on your window like a “baby on board” sign.

No Shelby Blackstock this year but Reba was still well represented at the speedway.

Brunette with the snapback, sup?

“Hey man, you good” – concerned crew member

“Yeah, yeah I’m good” – drunk man pulling it together for .2 seconds using a trash can as a walker

Jesus died so this man could shave a cross into his back hair. RIP Robin Williams.

Forget the Pope, he’s great we get it. Why is Aaron Rodgers a horse?

The way this creature holds a phone is absolutely infuriating.

Do you know the joy I would get watching this hammocks collapse one on top of the other like dominos or WTC 7? A lot of joy, a lot.

One of the most underrated funny clips of the weekend. Dude just brought a damn Toro walk behind to Coke lot and did a little lawn maintenance. Indy fans only drink in classy establishments and overgrown grass is in fact, not classy.

Check out @Indy500Pics for more pictures from the weekend and if you have any documentation of the debauchery send it over to them.

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