Will Power Wins The 102nd Indianapolis 500 After A Crash Filled Race

The 102nd Indianapolis 500 was vastly different racing than fans have grown accustomed to the last five years but that didn’t make the race less interesting. Before Will Power could scream his way into in Victory Circle he had to survive the hottest 500 on record in a car that was taking out big name after big name.

With less downforce on the cars, this season and a track temperature hot enough to make the devil himself sweat these cars were a handful. On board, shots saw drivers sawing at the wheel like they were employed at a sawmill in the 30’s. Wreck after wreck as the race went on showed just how difficult these cars were to hold onto.

James Davison v. Takuma Sato

No back to back for Takuma, Helio’s 2001-2002 feat still stands. Davison was massively too slow to be on track at the moment. Instead of pitting he putted around and ultimately gave Sato nowhere to go. Davison has a responsibility to get out of the way.

One and Done At Ganassi For Ed Jones?

Ed Jones dazzled all of IndyCar last season at the 500 with a 3rd place run. That hype earned him the #10 car at Ganassi but a spectacularly subpar season could see him one and done his career at Ganassi. A Heikki Kovalainen at McLaren wouldn’t be surprising to anyone.

Ed was transported to the hospital complaining of head and neck pain. Hopefully, he feels alright for Detroit next week.

Danica Double Crash

The Daytona 500 ended in a crash for Danica and the Indy 500 finished the same way. A crash off turn 2 by herself much like Ed was the end of her day and her career at Indianapolis. All day her car looked wicked. Damien the omen child thought that car was evil. Maybe it was better to have the car put out of its misery.

Danica had a press conference during the race where the tv’s started to play the broadcast. Danica not impressed by what seemed to be an Oscars playoff said: “I’ll leave, that’s fine, I don’t want to be here anyway.” And just like that, Danica was gone.

The Dreaded Tank Slap

Tank slappers are generally reserved for motorcycle racing. Channeling it inner Honda heritage the #18 Honda of Sebastian Bourdais tank slapped and the 4-time champ couldn’t save it. Day over for Bourdais but he’ll take that crash over 2017’s crash every day of the week.

No Fourth For Helio

Just like that a spin-offΒ 4 and the shot at a 4th win was over for Helio. This very well could be the last time we see him race at the speedway as well. Roger Penske as we have seen will step in the way of his drivers if they attempt to join another team.

Sage Karam

What looked like a sure-fireΒ Top-10 day for lesser famous racer from Nazareth was ended when his right rear decided to emancipate its self from the car.

Alexander Rossi out here thinking he’s TK

Kanaan made a name for himself on restarts just blasting around the outside back in the day. Alexander Rossi has apparently taken over that role as he took the high line all the way to third. A high line at Indianapolis, can’t wait for Kyle Larson to try it out and NASCAR announcers jizz themselves about it.

One Gallon And Stef Wilson is an Indy 500 Champ

Stefan Wilson racing in memory of his brother was a mere 4 laps from the checkered flag and putting the Wilson name on the Borg-Warner Trophy. Unfortunately, fairy tales don’t always happen outside of Disney World and Stef had to pit for fuel handing the lead and ultimately the win over to Will Power.

Will Power Has The Most Will Power Victory Circle Ever

“Show me some respect mother fucker” – Will Power as he crossed the finish line.

Power screamed his entire cool down lap. Literally just yelled for the sake of yelling because of pure emotion. His victory circle celebration was flooded with more yelling. His crazy eyes combined with his wife screaming was top notch celebrating. Those two must have some wild times together because their victory lane was a 99 on a scale of 10.

Milk went flying, everyone has milk on them. The Indy 500 Princess, the hat guy, the person on top of the podium, the first row of the terrace, everyone has milk on them because Will was twirling that around like a red neck that took his shirt off in celebration.

Will Power is an Indianapolis 500 champion. The party tonight, tomorrow and through Thursday is going to be something you’ll hear stories about forever.

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