Daniel Ricciardo Survives Engine Woes To Finally Win The Monaco Grand Prix

The streets of Monaco delivered a prototypical Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday as Daniel Ricciardo claimed victory. A race highlighted by Ricciardo’s engine woes and Williams inability to do anything correctly delivered once again. Monaco will never be the best race on the calendar but it always delivers something to talk about.

Ricciardo’s engine lost a decent about of power early in the race. Assuming it was electric power the Red Bull didn’t have the power to match the Ferrari. However this is Monaco and power doesn’t matter like it will two weeks from now in Canada. Two years after tossing the win away Red Bull delivered a Monaco win for Ricciardo.

Here’s how the race unfolded in bullet form so the millennial┬ábrain can process it;

  • Martin Brundle’s Grid Walk is less painful than Michael Waltrip’s attempt at it but still painful nonetheless. Stop talking to celebrities, they’re boring people with nothing interesting to say. Interview random fans or grab that creep Flavio Briatore and let me make a fool out of himself.
  • The Williams team didn’t have wheels on Sergey Sirotkin’s car in time for the three-minute warning on the grid so that was a 10 second stop penalty.
  • Romain Grosjean was mad on the start of the race that someone cut him off on a street circuit. Imagine sitting in traffic and being mad a car was in front of you and behind you.
  • Speaking of Williams Lance Stroll had a front end issue which was a flat tire he apparently didn’t know about despite being able to see the front wheels from the cockpit.
  • Ricciardo’s engine seemed to lose power and he was told there was no cure for it. But he was also told he’s doing a great job so that was nice.
  • Hamilton in third pulled up on the front two of Ricciardo and Vettel as the top five were separated by 5 seconds or so with 27 laps to go.
  • Ricciardo told he’s doing well again.
  • Fernando Alonso’s McLaren came to a stop at Turn 1 on lap 53 in what he called a “gearbox issue.” Another run at the Indy 500 would have been more enjoyable for the Spaniard.
  • Renault ordered Carlos Sainz to allow Hulkenberg but and the German bolted off faster than a ship of Nazi’s headed to Argentina.
  • In honor of Memorial Day, the Haas cars decided to take the weekend off as well.
  • Charles LeClerc drove over the back of Hartley exiting the tunnel and the Toro Rosso acted like it was just a flesh wound.

  • Daniel was told he’s doing a good job, again.


  1. Ricciardo
  2. Vettel
  3. Hamilton
  4. Raikkonen
  5. Bottas
  6. Ocon
  7. Gasly
  8. Hulkenberg
  9. Verstappen
  10. Sainz
  11. Ericsson
  12. Perez
  13. Magnussen
  14. Vandoorne
  15. Grosjean
  16. Sirotkin
  17. Stroll
  18. Hartley
  19. LeClerc
  20. Alonso

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