List Of Things IndyCar Fans Won’t Miss About ABC Broadcasts

ABC will broadcast their 54th consecutive and for now final Indianapolis 500 this Sunday. In 2019 the 500 and IndyCar’s entire schedule moves to NBC/NBCSN to allow the peacock to take a stab at pushing the sport forward where ABC had grown stagnant.

A once spectacular broadcast partner became nothing more than a high school AV club production in the waning years of the contract. Once the iconic voices of Bob Jenkins and Paul Page guided the broadcast with the likes of Sam Posey and Uncle Bobby helping them with the analysis. As IndyCar struggled so did the broadcast, out were Jenkins and Page and in were guys like Marty Reid, Rusty Wallace, Scott Goodyear and Eddie Cheever. Not exactly the golden voices fans were accustomed too.

With ABC on the way out though here is a list of things IndyCar fans won’t miss about the broadcast;

  • Allen Bestwick’s absolutely terrible fake laugh like he’s Ed Helms in the back of a cop car in Vegas.

  • Dr. Scott Goodyear declaring people “fine” after their utterly massive accidents. His arm moved a centimeter? HE’S FINE.

  • Eddie Cheever sitting in the booth silently like a kid who didn’t read the chapter hoping the teacher doesn’t call on him. Oops, the teacher called on him, time to bullshit something. Yeah, Allen, you hold it flat out through turn 1 here. Uhh, Ed, we’re at Road America.
  • ABC cutting away from the actual action on the race track to show us Will Power’s wife chewing a water bottle like a god damn rottweiler¬†puppy. Or Emma Dixon sitting in the pits. Or Ashley Judd being overly dramatic. Or Helio’s sister not knowing how many laps are left. There was a race happening during the most exciting run of finishes in Indy 500 history.
  • Showing the race live, talking about the race, missing a pass for the lead and then showing us the replay for that pass when they easily could have just shown it live in the first place.
  • Missing a restart because they were at a commercial for the 9th consecutive minute.
  • Showing 6 minutes of commercials in the final 10 minutes of Bump Day coverage.
  • Thinking Rusty Wallace was a good idea for the IndyCar booth.
  • That milk dominatrix intro to the 500

This list could continue on until the end of the year. Homer’s Odyssey¬†would be shorter if we broke this down on a secular level if we really had the time, patience or intellectual capacity to make that happen. ABC used to be good, they were like Bill Simmons circa 2004 when he was writing for Page 2 on ESPN. Then he got watered down, money was cut and he just became annoying and an afterthought. That’s ABC’s IndyCar coverage, outdated, stale and poor.

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