Rob Kauffman Is A Cancer In NASCAR & Now Hates Small Teams

Former Michael Waltrip Racing financier, current Chip Ganassi Racing investor and all around NASCAR cancer Rob Kauffman had one of the dumber tweets this side of anything Robert Hixon tweets. Kauffman turned his criticism toward small teams that are attempting to the Coke 600 this weekend.  For once NASCAR will have a full 40 car field but Kauffman doesn’t want to hear about that. Instead, he had this to say;

Small part-time teams with hopes of being full-time teams are devaluing the sport. Right, that is what is wrong with the sport. The teams that help fill out a 40 car field. Not the charter system that Kauffman helped create and has done nothing but devalue every year while car count continues to get smaller and smaller. Nope, it’s not the charter system, it’s NY Racing Team that is killing the sport.

If Rob Kauffman ran the sport Furniture Row Racing wouldn’t have won the championship last season. They started as a part-time team, became a full-time start and park, then a full-time mid-pack car and finally a contender. They’re a fucking caterpillar that turned into a beautiful monarch butterfly. But Rob doesn’t care about butterflies, he’s the Polpot of butterflies. Under the Kauffman regime that would never happen and we’d have 4 competitive teams and no one else. So basically what we already have.

Perhaps Rob is bitter he wasted a large sum of money in Michael Waltrip Racing that would make even Congress question the spending. Poor management, constant attempts to cheat and Joe Gibbs curb stomping them in the Toyota camp signaled the end of days for MWR. Kauffman took his money and moved it to Chip Ganassi where he once again has come up short.

In the meantime, he went to work establishing the charter system and the Race Team Alliance. Neither of which has done much to help the sport.  A charter is great if 43 cars show up each week you know you’re guaranteed a spot. When only 36 cars show and everyone is locked in you’re wondering why you bought hurricane insurance and you live in Iowa. It all seems pointless at that point.

“Why give away $ to noncompetitive part-time cars.”


To think any team started out right at the top is insane. Ganassi for years has been a painfully mediocre team, only recently have they been a power. Gibbs started small. Hendrick nearly folded. RCR lucked into Dale Earnhardt. Penske, well they’re Penske. Roush has devolved into what they started as. Stewart-Haas was a joke until Stewart came along and brought a Hendrick alliance. Everyone starts small. If they show up and want to grow that’s why you give them money. The health of the sport is reliant on new owners and new teams joining the sport. Team owners are getting up there in age, Jack is crashing airplanes on a half-decade basis at this point. At some point new owners will have to exist, that’s why you pay part-time teams.

“Give it to charity”

Isn’t that what NASCAR does with penalty money? NASCAR has collected over $500,000 in penalty money so far this season. That money is then given to the NASCAR Foundation for their initiatives. Could NASCAR give another $120k to charity this weekend? Sure.

On the other hand, why not help a part-time team buy new parts, or tires or help them get to the next race. Reinvesting in the sport is in the best interest of the sport. Locking the gates and watching newcomers get turned away like employees at the MWR shop is not the way to go about it.

“Driver retirement or disability fund”

Driver’s use to have great salaries, most still have better salaries than most average Americans. The charter system sort of helped kill salaries along with a drop in sponsorship and continued rise of cost in the sport. If a driver can’t budget like the rest of us that’s on them. The disability fund is nice.


A small team can show up, hit it just right and race with the Yankees. Using the Cowboys is such an old man, out of date reference. 60 cars showed up regularly to make the Daytona 500, now it’s a struggle to get 40. If someone wants to join the sport let them. Rob Kauffman didn’t start in ARCA or Xfinity. He took his money and went straight to the cup series with MWR. Can’t just show up and play the Yankees. Unless your checkbook has some commas.

“Can’t show up and play the Yankees” says the guy who showed up at LeMans and proceeded to get in the way of every LMP1 car.

Hopefully, Rob Kauffman’s run in NASCAR is similar to Bobby Ginn or the Gillette family. Make some noise, get everyone excited and then bounce when the going gets a little tough. NASCAR was down trending before Rob Kauffman, they’ve plummeted with Rob Kauffman, why not push Napoleon aside and figure this out?

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