Dale Earnhardt’s “Pass In The Grass” Wasn’t Even A Pass

When it comes to NASCAR history there are really only two things that people celebrate that drive me absolutely insane. Richard Petty’s 200 win record where majority came pre-modern era. The other is Dale Earnhardt’s “pass in the grass” that Fox celebrates every May when All-Star Race rolls around. Here’s the thing though.


Watch the video. Pry your eyes open, tape them up like you’re at the eye doctor, do whatever you need to do and watch this video carefully. Break it down like you stole it from Abraham Zapruder’s personal collection. CSI it frame by frame.

Where was the pass? Where was it? I’m waiting for you to answer, you can watch this video until 2038 and still come to the same conclusion. There was no pass. Dale was ahead the entire time. He was ahead coming out of 4, he was ahead at the dogleg, he hooked himself, he went into the grass as the leader, came out of the grass as the leader. Bill Elliott was never ahead of Dale, a pass was never completed by either party.

At no point was Bill Elliott the leader. How in the memory of Dale Earnhardt (RIP in peace) was this considered a pass? It’s like the Mandela effect has taken over every NASCAR fans brain and they think an actual pass happened. ET never said “phone home,” he said “home phone” and Dale never made a pass in the grass. He merely drove through the grass and remained in the lead. No splitters back in the day boys and girls, back when racing was racing. Or so I’m told by people who never saw the finishing order and the leader had a 45-second lead.

As the All-Star Race rolls around once again, we’re all incessantly reminded that Dale passed in the grass. While completely ignoring the fact that he didn’t. Imagine watching the DW v. Rusty incident and think that Rusty caused that wreck. DW clearly moved down but we’ve been told that Rusty wrecked him. It’s banana land out here.

In victory lane, Dale said that Bill kept trying to wreck him. What race was he driving and where? It’s that delusional nonsense his fan base ate up that has everyone convinced that he did pass Bill Elliott in the grass and Bill was trying to wreck him.

Give me a sign, look for me at Kentucky “There was no pass in the grass, convince me otherwise” tall guy, brown hair, Ray Bans on. This is my one contribution to NASCAR, correcting revisionist history.

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