Is It Finally Marco Andretti’s Year?

The Washington Capitals finally made it to the Eastern Conference Finals after years of saying it’s “our year” and looking like complete fools. Turns out it might actually be the Caps year. About 575 miles away at the corner of 16th and Georgetown it might finally be someone else’s year as well.


Listen before you groan and make a Marco joke like he only has two career wins (Sonoma 2006, Iowa 2011) or that he’s only in his ride still because his last name is Andretti. You wouldn’t be wrong to make those jokes, he’s quickly becoming the Chase Elliott of IndyCar just with more wins. But this year, this is Marco’s year.

When it comes to the Indy 500 there is no name more synonymous with the speedway than the Andretti name. Which is strange because the family only has one win at the track and countless heartbreaks. Marco was supposed to be the one to change the luck. He almost won the damn thing as a rookie but Rusty Wallace jinxed him and Sam Hornish nipped him at the line.

HOWEVA (Stephen A voice) this is the year Marco gets his 500 win. If you look at his finishes through the year at Indianapolis Marco is one of the better drivers out there. Every year though he looks great in practice, qualifies meh and then races well before falling off at the end because he gets upset and in his own head. This year, though, this is the year.

Just look at those finishes, looks like Tony Stewart at the Daytona 500. The Buffalo Bills in the 80’s can relate to this. You know who can’t relate to this? Helio Castroneves. That good haired tax evader has the opposite finishing table, one with wins trophies and untaxed millions. Marco’s table doesn’t look that bad, a second, three thirds, a fourth and only four finishes outside the Top 10. Realistically that’s not bad, but this is Marco. This is Robin Miller’s guy to save open wheel racing with that Rahal boy. He needs to win the 500.


Here is why Marco was fastest during Wednesday’s practice. That’s all the proof we need, people. The prodigal son of Mario is here, brother¬†to Michael is here to win next weekend. He was 6th in practice 1 on Tuesday, then 1st in practice 2 on Wednesday. What is he planning for practice 3? Probably to be 1st, three laps clear of the field. This mother fucker might fly around the track literally that’s how much this year is his year.

Practice 3 rolls at 11 am Thursday. Qualifying is Saturday and Sunday. Andretti Autosport has dominated the 500 recently if Marco can keep his cool the entire race and puts himself in position this very well could be his year.

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