Is There An IndyCar Video Game In The Future?

IndyCar currently does not have their own video game for Xbox or Playstation. The closest thing IndyCar fans can get to virtually driving Sebastian Bourdais #18 DCR Honda is by creating it on Forza, Project Cars 2 or dumping a used Toyota Camry cost on an iRacing set up.

Formula 1 and NASCAR both have franchises on both platforms and PC. Codemasters, the creators of the best racing games currently produce the F1 title each year and every year it grows on the last version. NASCAR recently reintroduced itself to consumers with the NASCAR Heat series. While the gameplay and physics are less than desirable it is still a fun game to waste some time on. The point is both series have a video game and both series can connect with younger consumers through that. Except for IndyCar.


RACER: RM: From C.J. O’Donnell, chief marketing officer of IMS/IndyCar: “We are expanding our presence in gaming. INDYCAR has a larger presence in the latest releases from Project Cars and iRacing. Forza is also adding the new INDYCAR to its platform this season. Unfortunately, we do not have a game developer signed to build an INDYCAR branded / dedicated platform (at least, not yet). Discussions regarding this feature platform are ongoing, and we hope to have some good news in the coming year.”

CJ O’Donnell is over here teasing us like he’s Carlin in 2016. It might come, we’ve talked about it, who knows, but maybe. GIVE US AN ANSWER CJ. Ole’ Christopher John (real shot in the dark) over here giving Robin Miller some hints on things Robin knows nothing about. Dude was old when Atari came out. Robin gets the answers though and for that we thank him.

An IndyCar video game would be phenomenal, however. Codemasters needs to become the NBCSN of video games. Get the rights to NASCAR and IndyCar and dominate the motorsports video game market.

Imagine a Codemaster IndyCar game as you go around the fountain at Long Beach, or seeing the spider at Barber or bouncing around Belle Isle and actually passing, or figuring out what Portland drives like, you get the point. Codemasters could likely do a great job with the dynamics of the game too. Making Indianapolis race how it has recently, and recreating the pack racing that is Texas. Maybe toss in an Eddie Gossage easter egg at the 1.44-mile track.

IndyCar needs a video game. As the guy asking the question stated his kid loves F1 because he can play the video game and then watch all the sessions every other weekend. If IndyCar had a video game option kids in America could watch the Indy GP this weekend and then play it on Saturday night after the race. Was I the only NASCAR kid that did that? Just a full Bristol race until 2 am fueled by Mountain Dew because my parents fell asleep.

IndyCar, make a video game. I bought a house I can’t splurge on an iRacing setup at the moment. Buying a new car and house in the same calendar year, not ideal. Your boy is trying to do adult shit for once.

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