The France Family Did Something Today, NASCAR IS FOR SALE!

(Reuters) – The majority owners of NASCAR, the company which operates the namesake U.S. car-racing series and other motorsport events, are exploring options including the sale of their entire stake, people familiar with the matter said on Monday.

The France family, which controls NASCAR, is working with investment bank Goldman Sachs Group Inc to identify a potential deal for the company, the sources said, cautioning that the deliberations are at exploratory stage and no agreement of any kind is certain.

The sources asked not to be identified because the deliberations are confidential.

“We don’t have anything to add,” said NASCAR spokeswoman Steph Harris. Goldman Sachs offered no immediate comment.
Strap in boys and girls, NASCAR IS FOR SALE!
We’ve heard the rumblings for a while that NASCAR might be for sale and like Carlin, to IndyCar, we always laughed at the rumors. Ha ha, that’s never going to happen we exclaimed while smacking our knee like a fat old southerner belly laughing at the thought of women voting. But then, in the middle of the day on a casual Monday in May everything changed.
According to Reuters, the France family is exploring a sale of NASCAR and all NASCAR brands. An interesting move coming a week after acquiring ARCA which at the time was thought to bolster their connections with the grassroots racers and calm Kevin Harvick the hell down. Instead, the ARCA purchase looks like a pawn in the sale of the business. The eventual buyer of NASCAR and its holdings will be buying all professional touring stock car series in America, they will have no competitor on a national level.
Rumors of NASCAR’s sale started flying last fall when Brian France was rumored to be interested in purchasing the Carolina Panthers. Brian has said in the past he doesn’t see himself running NASCAR his entire life which was music to the ears of NASCAR fans. Toss us some Busch beers, let’s have a party. Brian has proven he has no idea how to run NASCAR, the Panthers are a smaller version of a national touring series with 36 stops. Maybe he can try his hand at that. Like any good rich kid if you fail once, spend a billion and try again.


This is fantastic news in case you didn’t read the subheading. NASCAR is stale, old and out of original ideas. From a technological standpoint, they’ve outsmarted themselves. The series has over-engineered the entire race car. Less is more and NASCAR keeps doing more and more and more.

When Formula 1 sold to Liberty Media they immediately felt new again. The racing this season is better than it has been in the last four seasons. From a social standpoint, the series has grown tenfold and has focused on original content from the series itself. Their Paddock Pass show is phenomenal, their YouTube channel is great and their Twitter puts NASCAR to shame. Mainly because they actually get the verbiage correct.

No more gimmicks, no more stupid points systems, no more nonsense. Simplify the aero package, streamline the points system, refresh the media package, and change the schedule immediately. NASCAR has a lot of potential without Brian France at the wheel. Contrary to what the naysaying hipsters on the internet say, NASCAR has potential and it is very much not dead.

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