NASCAR Needs A Rotating Broadcast Booth

NASCAR’s broadcast partners have assembled commentary booths as if they’re attempting to be a parody of a broadcast booth. Terrible voices combined with fake laughs and pointless words fall out of their mouths have turned off NASCAR fans. Like listening to a politician filibuster everyone to death the NASCAR commentary booth is doing that on a weekly basis. NASCAR’s broadcast booth needs a freshen up, it needs some baby powder tossed on it and Marcela to make the bed.

Bring In A Rotating Broadcast Booth

Part of what makes NFL coverage so manageable is the fact the networks have a rotating booth. Typically your team will have one of four or so broadcast teams call them every year and that’s not counting prime-time games. You aren’t stuck listening to the same obnoxious Tony Romo calls if you don’t want to. Unless you’re a Patriots fan and they always play at 4:25 pm. Same for Cowboys fans and the Troy Aikman booth on FOX.

The point is you don’t get annoyed with one announcer to three over the course of a season because you’re always hearing a different perspective. Sure we all hate Phil Simms and Chris Collinsworth loves the Pats but for the most part it’s nice to have a rotating booth.

NASCAR does not have this. For 20 races (including non-points races) fans are stuck listening to Mike Joy, Darrell Waltrip and Jeff Gordon for most practices, qualifying, and races. Combine that with Michael Waltrip in the “Hollywood hotel” which should die as a moniker and you have a quartet of atrocities for your earholes.

Mike Joy has lost a step, his knowledge of the series sounds more like Darren Rovell’s than a guy that has been in the sport his entire career nearly. Constantly giving out wrong facts, never criticizing the governing body, and seemingly being lost at most times. Then you have Darell Waltrip who finally stopped dying his hair this season but refuses to retire boogity boogity boogity and that’s the real reason this sport will never appeal to the masses. Combine him with Jeff Gordon and you have a Michael/Kelly situation on your hands. Queue the fake laughter and Gordon correcting everything Waltrip said that was wrong. It makes for a terrible viewing experience that is constantly bouncing around from on board to onboard between 5-minute blocks of commercials where they won’t explain anything that happened when you return.

Don’t even get me started on Michael Waltrip, the dissertation is longer than Homer’s Oddysey.

Of course, there is the NBC booth for the second half of the year but that’s just as bad as the FOX option. Rick Allen screaming, Steve never shutting the fuck up. It’s a hot mess.


Create three broadcasting teams and rotate them. Or take guys from each broadcast team and mix them up. FOX is coming off their driver’s only broadcast this weekend and while it’s not possible to do a “drivers broadcast” with Cup drivers during a cup race there are options. Allow Xfinity or Truck veterans to announce races. They have first-hand knowledge and will likely have raced on the same track the day prior.

The sport needs new voices. Find outside voices to announce races, get Leigh Diffey, Bob Varsha or anyone from NASCAR that has a semblance of a personality. A new voice with new opinions and ideas is what the sport needs to grow. Currently, it’s stagnant and struggling partly because of the on-track product and the other because the broadcast is unbearable to watch.

The ideal booth: Sterling Marlin, Ward Burton, Frank Stoddard. INJECT THAT INTO MY VEINS

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