NASCAR Needs ARCA To Exist, Everyone Needs To Calm Down

NASCAR announced Friday that they have agreed to acquire the ARCA Racing Series. With this acquisition, it now makes NASCAR a monopoly in the professional stock car realm having absorbed their only competition. It also adds a fourth national series to NASCAR’s portfolio and that is the key to this entire deal.

In recent months NASCAR has been lambasted (mainly from Kevin Harvick) with claims that they are further disconnected with grassroots racers than ever before. ARCA is the ultimate grassroots series while maintaining a sense of professionalism that is missed in other “touring” series across the country. ARCA is viewed as a stepping stone to NASCAR, a bigger version of NASCAR’s own K&N East/West series.

NASCAR ultimately acquired ARCA to reconnect with the grassroots racer. ARCA has a strong niche group of fans in the midwest that supports the series to a fault. Coming off a weekend at Salem Speedway where we watched thousands of fans take in a fantastic short track race I can tell you this is what NASCAR needs. It was the best race of the weekend hands down across all stock car racing.

Remain Calm

Everyone needs to calm the hell down. As soon as this was announced the pessimistic, bleak, some would say gloomy sect of Twitter immediate knew NASCAR would kill ARCA. Well, it’s dead said the haters, they laid out the groundwork, wrote the eulogies and poured out a 40 for them because that’s what hipsters do. Trump has broken their brains, they called the press release a marketing spin. They’re looking for the secondary meaning behind all of it. NASCAR is going to kill ARCA.

What they don’t do though is wait for facts, words, plans or anything of substance to come out. Instead, they go “ASA DIED BECAUSE OF NASCAR” but ASA died because it was ASA. The USFL died because it was the USFL. It’s business. If anyone cared to listen to the press conference today or talk to people in the know there’s a pretty decent idea where this acquisition is going.

ARCA isn’t leaving short tracks, they aren’t going to be piggyback to the Cup series. Are there times that might happen at Bristol in the spring or Martinsville? Maybe and that’s fine. But from people I talked to within NASCAR, the plan is to keep ARCA just how it is. A common package with the K&N series is being discussed and will likely happen for short tracks. WHICH IS GREAT. So shut up with your Trump-esque fear mongering. Stop being negative, ARCA is fine.

Maybe, just maybe they’ll run truck/ARCA doubleheaders on short tracks in the midwest or on the east coast. People would still find a way to complain but that would be a hell of a setup. Get the trucks off 1.5-mile tracks and back where they belong.

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