What Are Some Reasonable Expectations For Matt Kenseth In 2018?

Matt Kenseth is back! He pulled the ultimate Brett Favre move and got dumped by a winning team that didn’t want him anymore. He returned by signing with a team he previously won a title with who is willing to give it a go one more time.

Kenseth came on stage as the new driver of the #6 car following Roush Fenway Racing’s announcement of new sponsor Wyndham Rewards. The hotel people, stay at a Wyndham hotel, get the points, reap the rewards, all that corporate jazz. After not Ross Kenseth finished talking Matt was brought out by Mark Martin.

By all accounts, it sounds like Matt is happy to be back and Jack is happy to have him back. According to Jack when he called Matt the response was “what took you so long.” Just a regular rom-com of two scorned lovers getting back together. Jack was brutally honest too, he wasn’t happy the way Matt left and that’s what took so long.

Kenseth will be in the car for 17 or so races this year. So what are some expectations for he and the #6 car?

Over The Top, Roush/Ford Superfan Expectations

The “First One Race Day” crowd is going to have over the top expectations for Kenseth. This is the crowd that thinks he’s going to win multiple races. They think NASCAR should grant him a waiver for the playoffs. These people are delusional, typically seen cartoon pissing on the bowtie stickers on their trucks. Love to tell you about the fox body Mustang that could run 10’s and still drink Miller Lite cause they sponsor a FORD.

Overall line for Kenseth from these fans brains: 16 Top 10’s, 10 Top 5’s, 3 wins

Average Fan Expectations

For most of us, we’ve tempered our expectations of “replacement” drivers. This is one of the few times the replacement is more talented than the guy they’re replacing. Kenseth is going to give the #6 car a better ran than Trevor Bayne will. Will the results be world changing though?

This is the slowest car Matt Kenseth will step into in his entire career. While Ricky has managed to give his RFR car a decent ride at times, Bayne has looked like he forgot how to be a race car driver at times. Kenseth will boost the performance but by how much?

Overall line for Kenseth from an average fan: 8 Top 10’s, 3 Top 5’s, and possibly 1 win on strategy or at Daytona.

Negative Fan Expectations

NASCAR is full of negative fans/media members who have to constantly denounce anything that happens in NASCAR. They’re mad Kenseth is back because it’s halting the youth movement again. They can’t understand why you want a veteran in the car. Roush Fenway Racing isn’t even good, they say. It’s exhausting to listen to this part of NASCAR but here we are. Listening to these people.

Overall line for Kenseth from a negative fan: 1 Top 10 pure luck. That’s it. Probably 4 DNF’s and a bunch of 20’s finishes.

Kenseth is going to be average but he will surprise with some decent runs.

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