Roush Fenway Has A Major Driver Announcement Wednesday, TIME TO SPECULATE

Roush Fenway Racing has called for a 10 aM press conference At the NASCAR Hall of Fame This Wednesday for a “major driver announcemenT.” The once mighty Roush Racing has fallen off in recent years but any driver news in NASCAR is like a quarterback change in the NFL. It gets the people talking!

The only downside to this is Roush changing a driver is a lot like the Buffalo Bills changing QB’s, it’s news but everyone is like meh. What could a major driver announcement mean though? Is RFR taking a Front Row Motorsports play here and over exaggerating their future plans in an effort to get people to believe that they actually matter?


There are a number of options for what the announcement could be. The internet and Reddit live for days like this.

  • Trevor Bayne immediately replaced in the #6 car for the remainder of the 2018 season. Bayne has struggled massively this year and has looked completely lost. Unfortunately Bayne has MS and hopefully, his struggles aren’t tied to that.
  • Matt Kenseth is coming back. The guy who gave Roush his first championship is coming back to turn some laps for his old boss for the remainder of the 2018 season.
  • Greg Biffle. They’re adding a #9 to that 6 car, nice.
  • Ryan Reed and his Diabeetus money are going Cup racing in the #99, or #26, or #60, or #97, or the #16.
  • Chris Buescher is joining Roush again after being on loan to JTG for the past two seasons.
  • Ricky Stenhouse’s contract extension because Roush likes to cock tease like that.
  • Todd Kluever is coming back to finally drive the #6 car.

Ultimately it likely centers around Trevor Bayne and his future. Will the change be immediate or will it be at the seasons end? Lots of questions and no answers until Wednesday at 10 am. Or sooner if someone wants to leak it, #sources.

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