Did You Know Bristol Motor Speedway Is “The Last Great Colosseum?”

Did you know Bristol calls itself “The Last Great Colosseum”? If somehow by the grace of God you didn’t you’re about to find out. Like that friend that learns a new word and uses it incessantly for 2 days straight, you’ll be hearing Bristol’s slogan all weekend long.

You can never put much faith in NASCAR on FOX or the @NASCAR Twitter account. They’re generally Wayne Peterson bad at what they do. One thing you can bank on though is them pushing a saying or slogan until you want to Aaron Hernandez yourself (Too soon?). A few weeks ago at Martinsville FOX and everyone else pushed the whole “paperclip” moniker to the edge of everyone’s nerves.

This week will be no different. Bristol is the last great Colosseum. Except it’s a race track that has produced rather mediocre races and finishes in recent history. Maybe this week will be different, maybe there will be a fantastic race with a side by side Darlington like finish. A finish like that will certainly make everyone forget about the Roman Colosseum and realize that Bristol Motor Speedway is the real one. The only one left. 500 years from now people will travel to the hills of northeastern Tennessee to see the ruins of The Last Great Colosseum.

Setting the line at 12.5 times “The Last Great Colosseum” is uttered on your televisions this Sunday. Can’t wait for the victory lane reporter to mention it as the winner lifts that stupid sword. Make Bristol Great Again.

Can’t wait for Sunday to get here.

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