ESPN is going COMMERCIAL FREE for the rest of the 2018 Formula 1 Season

ESPN– ESPN will run all of the remaining U.S. qualifying and race telecasts of the 2018 Formula One season commercial-free.

ESPN joined forces with Sky Sports to deliver broadcast coverage of this year’s campaign. That deal includes every practice session, qualifying and all 21 races of the year. ESPN also broadcasts Sky Sports’ build-up show ‘On The Grid’, which it will do for every race this year.


Listen up children, if you complain about something enough on the internet things will change. This is a win for humanity, race fans, television watchers in general and everyone who may in the future watch F1. We did it, we complained about how bad Australia was, they gave us Bahrain commercial free. We said HOLY SHIT YOU CAN DO THIS IN AMERICA? And ESPN was like YUP! and suddenly we were in Step Brothers realizing we’re best friends.


This is huge news for everyone though. ESPN paid nothing for the rights to broadcast Formula 1 this season. Literally nothing, no money was exchanged between Bristol, CT and wherever FOM is located. Meaning any advertisement ESPN makes off the broadcast is straight profit, 100% money in the bank.

If you watched the race from Bahrain this past weekend and you should because it was an exceptionally good F1 race. There were no commercials during the broadcast. About 30 minutes into the race I was like “have we taken a commercial break yet?” Then about an hour in I was like “we’re really doing this, huh?” And when the race ended I was like “HOLY SHIT THAT WAS AMAZING.” And it was at that moment watching any other race broadcast was ruined for me. So shoutout to Mothers car care products as their logo was in the upper right-hand corner every few laps.

NASCAR takes a commercial every 10 laps or so. Anytime the action is heating up, commercial. Stages were supposed to cut down on commercials during green flag runs, instead, it has stayed the same and commercial time has increased marginally. IndyCar takes commercials at about the same rate as NASCAR but they frequently go side by side, unlike NASCAR.

ESPN is absolute trash at producing motorsports events. However, they are great at using someone else’s broadcast, Sky Sports, and showing it to F1 fans in America. So I take back all the bad things I said about you ESPN, you’ve done Formula 1 right. Now just never bid on NASCAR or IndyCar again.

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