News You Didn’t Expect Today: Bobby Labonte Is Racing A Full NASCAR Euro Schedule In 2018

Listen when I woke up this morning Bobby Labonte racing a full season of Euro NASCAR was number 16,321,1478 on my list of things that might happen on a Monday morning in April. Snow was close to that number on the list and it snowed so maybe this isn’t shocking.

2000 NASCAR Winston Cup Series Champion Bobby Labonte will race a full season in the Euro NASCAR series in 2018. Last season Labonte raced for the first time in Euro NASCAR. A 10th place finish at Brands Hatch must have ignited the former champs passion because he’s giving all 12 rounds/6 tracks a go in 2018.

Labonte will get to showcase his talents from sea to shining sea. From Italy to England, to Spain to France to Germany finally culminating in the most beautiful place on earth, Belgium. Five of the six races will be held on road courses, only one lonely race will be an oval in France a place known for their world famous oval races.

In his NASCAR Cup Series career Labonte never had a win on a road course. In 41 career road course races, he has 11 Top 10 finishes. About 25% of the time he was finishing in the Top 10 and padding that stat line. NASCAR Euro will see a field of 30 cars run this season, Labonte has the most “NASCAR” experience of the group, will his veteran knowledge translate?

Labonte will be driving for the RDV team in the #18 (of course) YACCO Toyota. YACCO is a French oil products company. Here you were thinking Total (pronounced Toe-tal) was the only French oil company. No no no, YACCO is here to play too.

A guy from Corpus Christi, Texas must either love Europe, have a wife who loves Europe or really just wants to wheel a race car because there was nothing pointing in this deal happening. Not that Bobby is on the forefront of the rumor hot stove but still, who saw this coming? Jim Utter probably claims he did, we’d check but half the earth’s population is blocked. Is Terry going with him? Will Bobby dress like a European? Can he speak French? So many questions.

Alon Day, Anthony Kumpen, and Bobby Labonte. Powerhouse names about to run rampant in Europe. LET’S GO.

Also, these races are shown on So fire up the old Macbook, settle in for an early morning race and watch NASCAR’s best in Europe wheel these monstrosities that are the offspring of a late model and cup car having a child.

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