Check Out This Totally Organic Twitter Exchange With NASCAR & Monster About The All-Star Race

NASCAR/Monster Energy participated in a super organic, totally not staged interaction on Twitter Wednesday afternoon. A nice little back and forth about the All-Star Race that even got the drivers and other Monster athletes involved

The hottest trend in marketing/PR is having a really creative social media manager that can connect with the 18-34 demographic and make your brand relevant. Some brands are fantastic at it, others are like Richard Petty Motorsports and somehow get longwinded on Twitter.

NASCAR’s Twitter account is less than stellar. Typically tweeting out the wrong information, wrong dates, tracks, terminology, birthdays, most of it is wrong. Typically the account doesn’t engage with anyone, because when you’re trying to grow the sport among a younger audience it’s a good idea to avoid what IndyCar does and remain stagnant.

Wednesday, however, @NASCAR did engage with @MonsterEnergy and some drivers in a totally organic conversation that wasn’t about promoting the All-Star race.

NO, WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT THE ALL-STAR RACE THAT IS THE MOST PREVALENT THING IN THE PICTURE. Monster actually wanted to talk about the BofA 6 hours of Charlotte but decided to play along with NASCAR.

“Already have the crew on standby” Unless Toretto is here I want nothing to do with this. Oh look, Jeremy Twitch Stenberg is in this organic conversation now and his boss Brian Deegan kind of looks like Vin Diesel.

Again this is all super organic and in no way planned at all. Kurt Busch is down to ride with his henchmen Kyle Busch and Ricky Stenhouse Jr, the plan is in motion, everyone. I REPEAT, THE PLAN IS IN MOTION.

Kyle is definitely the Letty to Kurt’s Vin and Ricky is probably like Vince. You can’t kill him and he’s great at driving fast.

At least Ricky tagged two guys who organically decided not to engage him because you know, they’re on a different crew. Of course, Kyle has to come in with a little snide remark, oh Kyle.

Who is this guy Monster Energy has to carry the goods? Is it a heroin addict? Is it Lewis Hamilton? Oh, shit, Tiger Woods has a Monster Bag, maybe it’s Tiger Woods?


Hey guys, it’s Charlotte at 10 pm.

Oh wow, Charlotte Motor Speedway’s Twitter doesn’t know what’s happening right now but they were right there to capture Stenhouse rolling out on pit road. That’s weird.


Monster/NASCAR are promoting the All-Star Race and the $1M prize. The same $1M prize that has been around since 2003. The prize money that is unfortunately only a drop in the bucket for the budgets of these teams. Yes, let’s promote that and ignore that the last decade of All-Star Races has been like spending a Weekend At Bernie’s. Everything is fine, this is great.

And Rampage Jackson? Out of all the Monster athletes they picked Rampage Jackson? Sure he ripped that hallow door off the wall on that TV show that one time. Isn’t this the guy that has more reckless driving citations than Denny Hamlin has pit road speeding penalties? Not to be Nick Bromberg and act like they’re using Pol Pot to promote the sport but there are better options out there.

Like Cain Velasquez, Bautista, Conor McGregor, Daniel Cormier, literally have no clue if any of them are good but they all seem more relevant than Rampage Jackson. And Bautista is in Guardians of the Galaxy and who doesn’t love his literal character.

It’s cool that Monster is seemingly finally starting to really push their involvement with NASCAR which is great. But maybe make the future content seem less forced.

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