OTD: Elliott Sadler Got His 2nd of 3 Career Cup Series Wins At Texas By A Nose

On this date in 2004, Elliott Sadler got his second career NASCAR Cup Series win by .024 seconds over rookie Kasey Kahne. Sadler’s lone career win before this day in Texas was the spring Bristol race in 2001 for the Wood Brothers. Three years later Sadler finally returned to victory lane with Robert Yates Racing and the #38 M&M’s car. At least you didn’t have to hear Larry Mac say “HAVE YOU EVER?” and then Darrell answer a rhetorical question with mass enthusiasm.

Sadler only has three career Cup series wins and for some reason, I can name them all without hesitation for some stupid reason. Spring Bristol 2001, Texas 1 2004, California Labor Day Weekend 2004. Turns out 2004 was a career year for ole’ Elliott.

It was Kahne’s third second place finish in his seventh Cup start. If you were to make a prediction after that Texas race you’d have said this Kahne kid will win 40 races and a championship at some point. If you said that today you could replace his name with Chase Elliott.

Sadler’s Cup career never had a repeat of that 2004 season. Instead of being remembered for a spring win at Texas he is more remembered for attempting to defy technology and Howard Hughes by making his Ford Taurus fly. In predictable fashion, the Virginia boy couldn’t sustain lift and came smashing back into the ground. You can’t fault him though, he knew Taurus was a constellation and wanted to add his to the sky. At least he has those Xfinity runner-up titles to compensate.

Shocked Eddie Gossage hasn’t used that clip to promote the race this year. “14 YEARS AGO WE SAW THIS ICONIC FINISH, WILL IT HAPPEN AGAIN ON SUNDAY WITH THE PEOPLES CHAMP?” you’ll see it 37 times as he tweets like a Russian bot.

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