Here Is The 2019 NASCAR Cup Series Schedule With A TON Of Surprises

NASCAR casually dropped the 2019 NASCAR Cup Series schedule Tuesday afternoon like it was no big deal. The bad boys in Charlotte swankily walked in, dropped the schedule like they were sliding info to an informant and then ran. They ran right back to the henchmen hideout above the NASCAR HoF to await everyone’s reactions.

Let me tell you folks, this schedule. This might be the greatest schedule in the history of schedules. I’m not saying that, but people are saying that. We’ve got race tracks, we’ve got road courses, we’ve got Las Vegas. Just all the stuff you could wish for. NASCAR listened to the fans, they said you see these contracts? Fuck these contracts, they ripped them up faster than McLaren that time they chose Lewis Hamilton over Fernando Alonso. Take a look at the schedule, have a look at this masterpiece

2019 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series schedule

Sun., Feb. 10 Daytona 500 – Qualifying
Sun., Feb. 10 The Clash
Thurs., Feb. 14 Daytona 500 – Duels
Sun., Feb. 17 Daytona 500
Sun., Feb. 24 Atlanta
Sun., March 3 Las Vegas
Sun., March 10 ISM Raceway
Sun., March 17 Auto Club
Sun., March 24 Martinsville
Sun., March 31 Texas
Sun., April 7 Bristol
Sat., April 13 Richmond (night)
Sun., April 21 OFF WEEK – EASTER
Sun., April 28 Talladega
Sun., May 5 Dover
Sat., May 11 Kansas (night)
Sat., May 18 All-Star Open
Sat., May 18 All-Star Race
Sun., May 26 Charlotte (transition to night)
Sun., June 2 Pocono
Sun., June 9 Michigan
Sun., June 23 Sonoma
Sun., June 30 Chicago
Sat., July 6 Daytona (night)
Sat., July 13 Kentucky (night)
Sun., July 21 New Hampshire
Sun., July 28 Pocono
Sun., Aug. 4 Watkins Glen
Sun., Aug. 11 Michigan
Sat., Aug. 17 Bristol (night)
Sun., Sept. 1 Darlington (transition to night)
Sun., Sept. 8 Indianapolis
Sun., Sept. 15 Las Vegas
Sat., Sept. 21 Richmond (night)
Sun., Sept. 29 Charlotte Roval
Sun., Oct. 6 Dover
Sun., Oct. 13 Talladega
Sun., Oct. 20 Kansas
Sun., Oct. 27 Martinsville
Sun., Nov. 3 Texas
Sun., Nov. 10 ISM Raceway
Sun., Nov. 17 Miami



That schedule is fire. We start with the Daytona 500 then on to Atlanta, then Las Vegas, Phoenix, California. Hold up.


Word for word, they just copy and pasted the new schedule with updated dates. If they submitted this to Quetext their professor would fail them in .78 seconds after a 97% plagiarism rate came back. There’s no original work in here, you did nothing. On a side note, fuck those people that created this software, just let kids cheat 90% of them won’t be publishing their work. Their just trying to get their name on a piece of paper.

So yeah, the exact same schedule will be used in 2019 and hold on to your pants, it’ll be the same in 2020. Martinsville is the same weekend next year as this year so hopefully, it snows again. Maybe then NASCAR will give them the spring race they actually deserve. The All-Star Race will be at Charlotte again because once again the sport lacks any creativity and/or original thinking. The Playoffs all remain the same, and the season comes to an end at Miami.

Imagine if every NFL schedule was the same every year. You’d hate that, but here is NASCAR doing that year in and year out. Hopefully, the 2021 schedule is a complete shake-up of the status quo.

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