Best Racing April Fools Day Jokes From NASCAR To WEC To IndyCar

Surely people wouldn’t make jokes on the day the lord popped out of that cave and set everyone into a tizzy, would they? April Fools fell on theLord’s day this year and people didn’t hold back.

Every year outlets and athletes try their hand at April’s fools jokes and every year everyone is like “THAT’S NOT REAL!” like they’re a YouTube conspiracy star. But each year Twitter gets fooled by one or two of these stories that has everyone scrambling to find out if this is true or not. In 2009 F1-Live now owned by ESPN posted a story that Mercedes was moving Lewis Hamilton to Brawn GP and I spent my morning in Constitutional Law trying to figure out if this was true. Turns out it was not and I’m a fool. But every year they get someone, NASCAR fans more than anyone.

Here are some of the best stories from Sunday that are jokes but you could honestly see them happening at some point.

WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca to reverse course

With a new naming rights sponsor comes significant changes to WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca.

At the top of the list will be a change in direction of the famous racing circuit. Racers will now run the 2.322-mile, 11-turn track counter-clockwise. This change in direction makes Turn 1 the slowest corner on the track. As competitors accelerate out of the exit of Turn 1 and head up to the Camber Curve they are set-up for the newly named Screw-Up section. This section, formerly the daunting Corkscrew, now leads onto the Scuderia Straight. Speeding down the Scuderia Straight, drivers make a three-story drop downhill toward Turn 7, the fastest turn on the track. Coming under the Tire Foot Bridge, competitors navigate Turn 9 as they head to the Magnussen Hairpin, Turn 10.

Once through the hairpin they will head up the hill to the starter stand at Turn 11. The reverse in course will also require fueling from the right side of the car.

Other changes include title changes to the parking and camping areas as well the addition of a WeatherTech Girls Lounge at the apex of Turn 6.

Laguna is close to perfection the way it is. Running it in reverse would be one of the craziest things this side of expanding Monaco. Going up the corkscrew now dubbed the “screw up” with the run down the hill after that. Sure we’d lose the bend up the hill after the start finish but think about all the passing opportunities running in reverse. A WeatherTech Girls Lounge is sure to spark a debate with one Jalopnik blogger arguing with another Jalopnik blogger who actually is herself and then Jalopnik promotes it as an actual controversy.

WEC mandates Halo from 2019


The FIA World Endurance Championship will adopt Formula 1’s Halo driver protection device at the onset of the 2019 season.

RACER has learned the WEC’s LMP1 and LMP2 prototype teams, and its factory-supported GTE-Pro entries will be required to submit Halo designs to the FIA safety commission for approval by the end of the calendar year. GTE-Am teams, for reasons that remain unclear, have been exempted from the Halo mandate by the French organization.

The timing for the Halo introduction could be problematic for some constructors during the FIA WEC’s “Super Season” that starts at the Belgian Spa circuit in May and runs through June 2019 at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The perturbed Spaniard also spoke to the obvious question left unaddressed by the FIA WEC.

“Did anyone tell them the cars have windshields already?” he asked. “A Halo in front of the windshield … it’s ridiculous, no?”

Marshall Pruett won April Fool’s Day with this one. The FIA forcing WEC to run the halo is such a realistic possibility you had to click on the headline to see if it was true. A Fernando Alonso quote about the windshield with the technical drawing of the halo over the windshield make this joke top notch. The FIA loves this stupid halo, why wouldn’t they do some dumb shit like putting it on WEC cars?

Al Unser Jr. Makes Indy 500 Comeback with Harding Racing

Harding Racing is ecstatic and can’t think of a better day to announce Al Unser Jr. will pilot their second entry in the 102nd running of Indianapolis 500 Mile Race. The two-time winner will come out of retirement after a ten-year hiatus from the race to compete in the #8 Harding Racing Chevrolet car alongside Gabby Chaves, driver of the #88 full time VICS entry. This will be Harding Racing’s second Indianapolis 500 and first race as a two-car team.

Harding Racing got IndyCar twitter buzzing Sunday morning as people fell for Al Jr. coming back to the speedway. Undoubtedly someone brought this up at their Easter party and everyone was like “Oh my god, really?!” failing to understand what the date was. Harding did a great job with the press release the only thing they should have done was get rid of the “can’t think of a better day” line. Fully commit to the joke, make people think this is happening and deal with all the emails and phone calls on Monday. Al Jr. would turn in a better result and Jay Howard.

NASCAR Has Announced It’s Going All-Electric by 2021

Only reason this is on here is thanks to NASCAR fans for literally being the dumbest people on earth at times. There is a sect of NASCAR Twitter that can’t tie their own shoes. There is no way they can perform simple life tasks while being this amazingly stupid. Either that or they’re the people that believe in Nigerian Princes. Cutco turns these people away because they’re so gullible they feel bad taking their money. NASCAR is going full electric and Rated Red broke the news.

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