Danica Patrick Doesn’t Give A Damn About Racing Superstitions

Danica Patrick showed off her Ed Carpenter Racing Chevrolet for the 2018 Indianapolis 500 and it’s very clear she gives zero fucks about racing superstitions.

Green Race Car

In racing there are a few things you never want on your race car. Having a green race car is typically viewed as something you never want, that’s why the #14 AJ Foyt Conseco Pontiac was trash. At the dawn of auto racing and into the decades after green race cars were responsible for a number of driver and spectator deaths. Because death is not a great thing and everyone loves to connect things to bad things the common denominator was green race cars. Not the fact that the cars were wildly unsafe and Louis had his dumb head hanging out onto the track watching the cars on the outside of a corner.

Dale Jr. has won in a green car, Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon, Mark Martin, people can win in green race cars. Tim Richmond famously didn’t want to drive the green Folgers decaf car which in hindsight him taking a stand on green race cars and not condoms was a bit shortsighted. Danica didn’t seem to care about green when she came to NASCAR and we all saw how that played out for her.

But come the Indianapolis 500 this May Danica is taking the green thing to a whole new level. Bright ass green car, bright ass green suit, zero fucks were given. Danica doesn’t care about your superstitions.


There are entire hotels and buildings in this country that skip the 13th floor. They just name it the 14th like we can’t stand outside and count the floors. People avoid this number like the plague, it’s considered the worst of luck. Ty Dillon thought he could change the path of the #13 and instead, it has rag dolled him into submission and irrelevance.

Danica Patrick meanwhile said fuck all the superstitions, give me the #13 and a green race car because I piss in the face of adversity. And listen, I’m not going to tell her what to do. Anyone with angel wings and an American/checkered flag tramp stamp doesn’t need us telling them what to do. They’re independent women/or men it’s 2018, making their own decisions.

Danica will be on track in April for the Indy 500 open test.

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